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The Peace and Development Studies graduate Programs are dedicated to knowledge development along with the provision of high-quality, professional training in conflict transformation, resolution management, and peace building and development issues and to provide informed and committed personnel to contribute effectively in these areas at a professional level.

These Programs focus on pragmatic approaches to solving problems in a variety of social settings, as well as providing the theoretical foundations for professional practice in the areas of human rights, social justice, restorative practice and cultural awareness. Our students receive theoretical, hands on training, and skill building in their classes.

You will be exposed to a wide array of theoretical approaches, techniques and strategies for nonviolent solutions to conflicts that arise in diverse personal, professional, organizational, and community environments. In addition, you will become well-versed in multiple conflict prevention and intervention skills; these include mediation, negotiation, and conflict transformation, violence intervention, and collaborative problem solving.

MA  in Peace and Development Studies (30 semester credit hour)

The Master of Arts (MA) in Peace and Development Studies program was launched in 2015. The Master’s program promotes a systemic perspective to the challenges facing individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

With an interdisciplinary sensibility and a commitment to individual, cultural, and social integrity, we train professionals to employ collaborative and equitable methods for resolving human problems.

Our goal is to mold reflective conflict practitioners – professionals with a critical understanding of theory and method and who operate within an overarching framework of diversity, human rights, social justice, and responsibility.

Our academic programs`broad range interested participants are:

 – Representatives of Government Institutions, Diplomatic Missions, Courts and Political Parties: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts between states, civil society leaders, political party leaders and between government-civil society institutions.

– Representatives Private Sector: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve conflicts with potential clients, with business partners, between employers and between employer-leadership and to enlarge personal skills on intercultural communication, respect diversity and be more tolerant.

– Representatives of IOs and Local NGOs: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve tensions in conflict region and fields together with state institutions, Donors, civil society organizations and private sector.

– Representatives of Universities: To get knowledge on how to develop teaching, study and research methodologies.

– Representatives of Media Institution: To get knowledge on how to deal, manage and solve the conflicts in conflict region and fields.

– Mediators, Peace-builders, Researchers and any interested people who want to develop their academic knowledge and capacities in Peace-building, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Dialogue, Security and Human Rights, who have intention to work as mediator, who wants to join missions in conflict regions, who wants to investigate academically the above state topics and who currently work or live in countries/society with ongoing tensions.

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Newport University offers Tuition Free Distance Education projects for Deprived Citizens in different countries around the World
Tuition free distance undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs study project in different countries under the International Peace and Development Institute for deprived citizens around the world to confirm that every human being has inherited the right to learn for the welfare of the global society and become a leader.
Former Students Degree Verification
Please be informed that all the past degree holders of the University, who need to verify their degrees, contact directly along with an Application and soft-copies of Certificate and Transcript to the University office by e-mail at