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The Declaration

By results of lead within the framework of the Second international conference

« Management of steady self-preservation of the person, a society, the nature » discussions have been made the following conclusions:

1.    Now in Russia the certain conditions (legal, intellectual, technological, technical, etc.) for steady development of the country are created. However effective development, introduction of model of steady development restrains a number of factors, first of all, in sphere of state regulation of resource-consumptionÿ and preservations of the environment besides actual problems of steady self-preservation of the person are revealed, societies, the nature, an opportunity of management of these processes, preparation of qualified personnel, in particular, basing on the Global Education system.

Conference has considered pressing questions of self-preservation of a human society, an opportunity of management of these processes, preparation of qualified personnel through the Global Education system.

2.    Essential deterioration of an environment in regions with intensive industrial activity and dense residing of the population (i.e. loss of ecological potential) provokes crisis situations. It in many respects occurs because of imperfection of technologies of extraction and enrichment of minerals, emission in an environment of not neutralized waste products of the manufactures frequently containing a source of raw materials for other kinds of manufactures. Results of innovational development on gathering and processing of waste products, reclamation of dumps are not realized in practice.

Stabilization is impossible only measures of prohibitive character. In this connection it is necessary to create conditions of inflow of the investment capital in system of wildlife management and ecological regulation, to support (including, by revision of practice of ecological payments) development of ” the ecological industry », technologies and techniques which will allow not only to provide processing collateral grocery waste products of resource-using, but also stimulate development of small business.

3.    Realization of principles of steady self-preservation of the person, a society, the nature will allow to form and put into practice effective, objective and duly administrative decisions. They should be based on intellectual systems, ways to process and receive the information as analytical conclusions, recommendations, forecasting estimations, scripts of development of ecological-economic situations.

4.    Effective means of transformation of public opinion on necessities of creation and maintenance of conditions of steady self-preservation of the person, a society, the nature in real economic force. For the scientifically-grounded rational wildlife management perfection of all education system, management and the decision of a global problem of ability to live of a society is necessary, proceeding from fundamental knowledge and achievements of world experience.

In this case, the term “Global” specifies the purposes of this education system – preparation of experts of the top skills for the decision of Global Problems.

At the same time it reflects also other party, an opportunity of use of the Global Education system as a reference estimation of an educational level for any country of the world.

Such education system provides preparation, retraining and improvements of professional skill of the administrative, public and scientific staff depending on requirement of a society for its perfection and self-preservation.

In an education system it is possible to judge from different positions, but it is by all means necessary to take into account the conference signed by many countries on creation of a uniform European education system and experience of the conducting technologically advanced countries in the field of ecology (the USA, Russia, Japan, the Great Britain, etc.), reflected in educational programs of leading universities of the world.

Conference is considered necessary to support underlying the Global Education system of four-level (BS-MS-PhD-Grand PhD) system of preparation of the supreme scientific and scientific and pedagogical staff.

Participants of conference consider necessary to consolidate efforts in a direction of the suggested ideas.

5.    To count prime problems:

  • Management of steady self-preservation of the person, a society, the nature.
  • Management of steady development of cities and the urbanized territories.
  • Formation of a national innovational control system of development.
  • Distribution of fundamental knowledge of self-preservation.
  • The further distribution of the Global Education system, as practical means of introduction of the given ideology

6.    To support the purposes and problems « Global movement of intellectuals for the sake of steady self-preservation of the person, a society, the nature »-(GMI) within the framework of Global Education system (GES). All participants of conference proclaim themselves collective member GES and GMI.

7.    To recommend board of GES to address in the United Nations, to the Governments of the countries of the world with the offer on support GES (GMI).

Participants of Conference mark fruitful activity of the European Academy of Informatization in an establishment of business relations with universities on a recognition of Global Education system (GES). Conference applies to RECTORS of universities and heads of scientific institutes to support GES and to sign the Memorandum and the agreement on accreditation and recognition with the European Academy of Information.

Participants of Conference express gratitude to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education of Belgium for the given opportunity of opening of university at the European Academy of Information and suggest assisting in its organization.



1. The further development of a society depends on the decision of Global Problems.

2. Global problems are solved the United Nations Organization in key directions of ability to live of the Person and the Society. Many of them, as Human rights, National and Global safety, Steady development of the countries, Ecology, the Inhabitancy, are Global. These are examples of the global problems having spatial structure.

Problems with local structure and, integrity possessing property, are characteristic for scientific researches from which results the further direction of a life of the World community, to a certain extent, is defined.

Global problems are exclusively complex at their statement and the formulation, and also labor-consuming at the organization of calculations.

If that is possible to reduce a global problem to a computing problem, as shown for the first time in works of Prof. Evreinov E.V., exists effective parallel algorithm, and the decision will be reached. Significant difficulties are represented with understanding, the formulation and statement of a problem which is carried out by the person or collective.

3. For the decision of Global problems it is necessary, that the expert was able to think originally and had fundamental preparation in many areas of a science, techniques, and humanitarian disciplines in a complex.

4. The European and American universities provide the good preparation of the students meeting standard requirements of the interested various organizations in the decision of applied problems.

Therefore at many universities to the highest scientific degree – the doctor of philosophy – is not shown requirements to originality of the dissertation and presence of original printed works.

Universities conduct preparation on the isolated specialties, not giving value of their integration.

5. Unlike typical universities offered Global Universities are under construction on principles of the distributed establishment in which workplaces of professors and experts are carried in space, and preparation of doctors and grand doctors of philosophy under direction of the outstanding persons is spent, able to solve global problems.

The global university is a scientific Superstructure in sense of the further improvement of professional skill of the expert.

6. After award of a standard (national) degree of the doctor of philosophy the expert can take part in preparation of the first scientific degree of the international doctor of philosophy on global problems. The expert should take part in the decision of one of global problems and show originality of thinking and the creative approach at the publication of 15-20 scientific works, and defend the dissertation on an original theme.

7. To the expert having a degree of the international doctor of philosophy on global problems, the opportunity to receive fundamental preparation in MANY fields of knowledge with award of the second scientific degree of the grand doctor of philosophy (Grand PhD) or of the grand doctor of sciences (Grand DSc) is given. The dissertation of the grand doctor of philosophy is extensive and in-depth study with the original decision of the global problem having the major value for the world community. The degree of the Grand doctor of philosophy can be awarded to the international doctor of philosophy on the global problems, more then 100 scientific works having and more than three monographs and 10-20 doctors of philosophy taken part preparation.

8. The European Academy of Informatization (EAI), created under the royal Decree in Belgium, has suggested creating the Global Education system – GES for preparation of experts and experts of the highest class for the decision of Global problems. The GES gives great value to work on attraction to educational activity of outstanding persons of a society which can solve global problems. Each such person can participate in preparation of experts and create own educational structures in the GES.

9. In GES the direction of preparation of the experts, the received name « From above – downwards » is accepted. Conditions for search of the outstanding persons having experience in the decision of global problems are for the beginning created.

By means of such scientists preparation of the grand doctors of philosophy is conducted. They train grand doctors and doctors of philosophy, etc.

10. With the purpose of creation of legal preconditions for overcoming a problem of a recognition of diplomas, scientific degrees, doctor’s and grandee-doctor’s of educational programs, and also for acknowledgement of education status and the received qualification, within the limits of ÃÑÎ is provided delivery of the All-European Appendix to the Diploma / European Diploma Supplement (DS), an Europassport being by a component (Europass.) DS is issued in full conformity with the standard developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the European Committee on Higher education (UNESCO/CEPES).

Directors of a global Education system address to scientists, experts, inventors, politicians, public figures, to businessmen with the offer to support and join to the GES.

The declaration is approved by the International Conference. Moscow .24 October, 2005.


  • Humanity is building the Information Society that has the information as the basic product. The most useful information for humanity is the information that follows from solving of Global problems.
  • Global problems are especially important and comprise such problems as global environmental protection and research of demographic processes, sustainable human development, defense of Human rights, national and global safety and creating worldwide organizations. Solving of these problems is very helpful for society and it helps to discover the new ways in science and creates a base for research on fundamental and applied problems.
  • Global problems that face the world are extremely complex. They can be solved only if society disposes a sufficient number of study supervisors as well as the highest qualification experts having extensive and profound knowledge that can be channeled into the establishment of the global development of culture.
  • The needs to solve global problems followed from the necessity to improve the existed higher education systems regarding the training of highly qualified specialists. The key objective of universities was to train Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) oriented to solve local problems. Experts were profoundly trained in a narrow sphere. However, to solve global problems it is necessary to have widely and profoundly trained experts that are capable to work simultaneously on a joint of many specialties.
  • The need in solving of global problems will increase inasmuch as the information society develops progressively. It inevitably demands training of experts of the appropriate level. Herewith it is proposed to introduce more high scientific degree of GRAND DOCTOR of PHILOSOPHY (Grand Ph.D.) compared to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).
  • Grand Ph.D. degree is introduced for the first time. Grand Ph.D. thesis involvesextensive, in-depth research and original approach to the solution of global problems that have of supreme importance for the world community. The degree of Grand Ph.D. may be awarded to Doctor of Philosophy who has more than one hundred scientific articles, three or more monographs and who took part in training of 10-20 Doctors of Philosophy.
  • The participants of the Conference note the exceptional importance of the World Information Distributed University (WIDU) and its departments located in many countries. WIDU trains experts of the highest qualification practically in all fields of science and awards degrees of Ph.D. and Grand Ph.D. Compared to the other universities WIDU has distributed structure. The training may have various forms: audience, in-home, distant training. Experts and top-experts are trained in WIDU by professors having degree of Grand Ph.D. WIDU gives an opportunity to study and to defend a thesis in the native language. WIDU implemented a unique credit system of “intellectual credits” providing a doctorate to be trained at the university practically free-of-charge.
  • Participants of Conference make a note of great significance of the World Order “SCIENCE.EDUCATION.CULTURE”. Its aims are attracting prominent figures for training and attestation of experts of the highest qualification, creating unified information space and developing informal links between prominent persons all over the world.
  • The Conference approved the activity of WIDU and new European Association of the Universities and Higher Schools, which should ensure the creation of programs for training of Ph.D. and Grand Ph.D. taking into consideration the specific character of preparation of experts for solving of global problems.
  • Participants of Conference supported new Association of International Higher Attestation Committees and Commissions that practically fulfils agreements with many countries on the mutual recognition of diplomas and certificates using WIDU diplomas and certificates as the standards for the appraisal of the educational level confirmed by diplomas and certificates issued by appropriate education organizations of different countries.
  • The Conference emphasized the importance of creating of the International Diplomatic Academy (IDA) solving of global problems of Human Rights, Global and Regional Security. IDA was founded by the European Academy of Informatisation (President E. Evreinov) and London Diplomatic Academy (President A.R. Moré). The President of the IDA is Grand Ph.D. Vorontsev having the rank of Deputy Secretary General of UN.
  • The Conference highly appreciated the European Academy of Informatisation (AEI) at its social activities. AEI was founded by the Decree of King of Belgian. AEI was set up to facilitate and support co-operation of scientists and technologists sharing the vision of informatization in all its varied dimensions. AEI mission is supposed to build bridges between scientific communities in European Union and Eastern Europe.
  • Conference noted an important contribution to learning and solving of Global Problems by the UN and appreciated personally Grand Ph.D., Commander of the World Order “SCIENCE.EDUCATION.CULTURE” Kofi Annan who had promised to make all possible assistance to solve global problems in the cause of peace and justice throughout the world. Conference approved the activity of the European Commission in sphere of solving of global problems under leadership of Academician George Metakides and his research assistant Michel Bosko as well as in sphere of Education under guidance of Ph.D., Commissioner Viviane Reding

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