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Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment & Qualification Recognition Information
Save money on university courses with your prior learning assessment
Prior Learning Assessment Recognition Process

As a student enrolled at Newport University CED, a prior learning assessment may help you to complete your degree faster and save you money in the process.

Our Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process examines learning and training taken outside of a traditional university classroom and determines if it is equivalent to the curriculum in your program and eligible for credit.

Training that May Be Eligible for Prior Learning Assessments

The Prior Learning Assessment process is an excellent tool that may grant you credit for training taken outside of the traditional university setting.  The following are types of learning and training that may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition:

  • Professional Training.
  • Corporate training – Any training that you have taken through your employer, as long as it is relevant to your program, is eligible for review under the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process.
  • Certificates and Licenses – Training you received in order to obtain a specific certification or license may also be taken into consideration under the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition process.
  • Courses taken through non-traditional learning formats.

An undergraduate who has not been awarded a baccalaureate degree, but he has completed enough academic credits for a degree, may be allowed to take professional board examinations. All that he has to do is to present to the board a valid experiential credit conversion done by authorized and recognized credential evaluator. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Experiential Credit Conversion.

Other U.S government jobs require baccalaureate degree or an equivalency degree with enough Experiential Credits for the job. Applicants for these jobs need credential evaluation.

The U.S. Board of Examiners does not allow graduates from unaccredited colleges and universities of other U.S. States to take board examinations. Graduates of institutions with degree granting authority from the State Private Post Secondary Education or the State Higher Education Coordinating Boards are required to get valid credential evaluation before they are allowed to take board examinations.

California State University, Frasno has Institute for International Credentials Evaluation which  is one of the few U.S. credential evaluators that are entrusted to perform credential evaluation of credits earned from U.S. colleges and universities, as well as from foreign institutions.

Official transcripts must be sent to Newport University CED. Official transcripts are those that have been sent from the institution directly to the university. Official transcripts must also be sent to the Institute for International Credentials Evaluation at California State University, Fresno, USA for evaluation and validation.

Because this is a necessary step for all International Students prior to formal admission to the university, applicants should apply to Institute for International Credentials Evaluation
at California State University, Fresno as soon as possible. There will be a Document Evaluation Fee.

For information regarding fees and the evaluation process see the Institute for International Credentials Evaluation at California State University, Fresno.

English Language Requirements for International Students are as recommended for the general study of Newport University CED.

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