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Report Administration GES

The report of administration of the Global Education system

Global problems have the important value in life of all mankind. Everyone, be he the scientist, the businessman, the politics, should reveal seriously above the further destiny of our joint residing on our planet. Global problems began to be solved the United Nations Organization in key directions of ability to live of the Person and the Society: Human rights, National and Global safety, steady development of the countries, ecology, an inhabitancy, activity of the national and transnational organizations and others. System engineering of maintenance by natural resources, transport, energy, and communication and computer science are closely connected to the decision of Global problems. Searches of new energy sources, a communication facility and computer science, research of the nature, creation adaptive self reproducing systems and systems of unlimited productivity are Global problems. They are characterized by the important properties:

The decision of any of them opens new ways for development of a society and results in statement of a lot of new fundamental problems which in turn generate applied with the important practical appendix;

Global problems are characterized by ultrahigh complexity and represent almost insuperable difficulties on a way of their decision.

Three events have affected formation of the project:

1. Researches on the global problems which have been carried out to the Academies of sciences of Soviet Union (1959-1974) under the scientific guidance of Director of Institute of Mathematics of Sobolev S.L., the academician, scientific with a world name and the Deputy Director on Evreinov E.V. on scientific work, professor, the Winner of the Lenin Premium (1957). The main results:

Methods and the parallel computing distributed systems for the decision of global problems which can be reduced formally to an algorithmic problem are developed.

2. Researches on problems of Informatization of a society and the education, which have been carried out in the USSR (VGPÒI, the General Director of institute and Evreinov E.V., head of department of MTUSI in 1974-1992). Results of researches:

Any global problem can be reflected to an algorithmic task.

For the lack of means and systems of an artificial intellect it is required to change the approach to an education system for the decision of global problems:

It is necessary that the expert had fundamental preparation in many areas of a science, techniques, and humanitarian disciplines in a complex. It is impossible to admit, that the expert has been limited to fundamental training for a narrow scientific field of knowledge.

3. The positive attitude of Secretary of the United Nations to the Global Education system.

The special commission on formation of the program of preparation of doctors and grand doctors of philosophy from assistants to the Secretary General of the United Nations and outstanding scientists has been created.

The first doctors and grand doctors of philosophy were the Secretary General UNO Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Kofi Annan, UNO’s Under-Secretary V. Petrovsky, J.V. Reed, Ji Chaozho, Jin, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe Yves Barthelot, Presidents of National Academies of sciences Paton (Ukraine), Sàrkicjan (Armenia), Cadraa (Mongolia), Åcmanis (Latvia), Frank (the European Academy of sciences (San Ìàrino), Nikandrov (the Russian Academy of education).

Works above the project « the Global Education system » have been started under the direction of the First Vice-president of the International Academy of Information-IIA in the General Status with Economic Council of the United Nations of Evreinov E.V. in 1993 – 1999.

In this organization elements of the project which have confirmed expediency of addition of an existing education system by transition to new, directed on the decision of global problems have been incorporated.

Project Global Education System assumes transition from the present three-level system of higher education with award of degrees BS, MS, Ph. D to a four-level system with degrees BS, MS, Ph. D, and Grand Ph. D. which would be the highest scientific degree with the status of ” Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Grand Ph. D) ” being offered to outstanding scientists.

By the decision of Presidium of Academy has been created the World Information Distributed University-WIDU with branches in many countries.

« The global Education system » has brought in the basic contribution to the project the European Academy of Information-AEI which have been created in 1999.

Overall objectives of the European Academy of Information were:

1. Global problems. 2. Global system of education.3. Recognition of scientific degrees and ranks.

International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) was founded in 1990 as an independent, voluntary, scientific and self-governing organization of intellectuals comprising well known scientists, reputed professionals, outstanding statesmen and public figures, famous writers, artists and others. This is a Unique Academy that enjoys the membership of the United Nations and has its branch “Informatization and United Nations” at the UN’s Headquarters in New York. Since 1995 the I.I.A. has the General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN.

International Center of Informatization (C.I.I) Functions: for formation of uniform information space and development of informal connections between outstanding figures of the world.

The European Academy of Information-AEI has been created in Belgium in 1999. According to its charter signed by Minister of Justice of Belgium and authorized by the Decree of King of Belgians of Albert II. The European Academy of Information-AEI is the open public independent homing noncommercial association uniting scientists, experts – professionals, public and the statesmen sharing the same ideas in the field of Informatization, creation of an information product in all branches of economy, the information analysis and perfection of scientific activity in all areas of a science, information of a society within the framework of formation of the uniform world distributed information-cellular community. By Point of the charter 2.6 is stipulated, that within the framework of Academy function:

The European Academy of Sciences (E.A.S.) which includes: the exact sciences, the social studies, natural sciences, a science about Informatization.

The World Information Distributed University (WIDU) Functions: for preparation of doctors and grand doctors of philosophy, professors and awards scientific degrees and ranks.

The World Distributed University (W.D.U) Functions: for reception of the second higher education and award of degree Master of Sciences (M.S.) and Ph D.

The European Association of Universities and the Higher Schools (EAUHS) provides creation of the European base programs of the formation used in university and programs of preparation of doctors and grand doctors of philosophy.

The Association of the International Supreme Attest Committees and the Commissions (A.I.SACC) functions for consideration and award of scientific degrees on concrete specialties.

The World Order « the Science. Education. Culture » (S.E.C.): it is founded for rewarding physical and legal persons by diplomas, honorable diplomas, the international premiums, medals and awards for outstanding merits in decisions of authorized problems

By point of the charter 3 are stipulated. Honorary titles and distinctions

For merits the Academy has the right to award with diplomas, honorable diplomas, the international premiums and gold medals (for outstanding merits in area Informatization of the world community).

The academy awards scientific degrees and academic statuses: the doctor of philosophy, grand doctor of philosophy, the professor, the assistant of professor and the senior lecturer.

practical achievements in technical, educational, political and other kinds of the public work, the following scientific degree: “grand – doctor”, – according to rules of Academy on assignment of scientific degrees, “Prima-doctor” – according to the rules of an Anglo-American education system traditionally recognized as the international communities.

In Belgium there are some Ministries for education behind which the right to award scientific degrees is fixed; to carry out accreditation of universities according to accepted for Europe a three-level education system. The supreme scientific degree in Belgium which meets to standards of Europe for PhD, does not meet the requirements, necessary for the decision of global problems. According to the Belgian Constitutional Law education is one of the absolute freedoms in Belgium. Therefore every organization/person is allowed to ‘organize’ education in Belgium and no authority may act against it. The academy-AEI, having registration in Belgium under the Royal Decree, has taken advantage of this law and did not begin to address in one of the Ministries for education of Belgium, and has agreed with offers of the countries in which the education system is carried out four-level education system. To award the all degrees to scientists of European Countries the AEI and WIDU use the Accreditation and the Licensing, given those by the International Academy of Sciences- AIS which is registered in San Marino

Global Education system (2000-2006)

Difficulties of the decision of Global Problems are connected to their formulation and development of methods of the decision. This process is creative, it does not manage while to be formalized and it is realized by the person. It results in the offer on necessity to pay special attention to system of preparation of experts for the decision of Global Problems.

At the analysis of experience of the successful decision of the first global problem resulted in creation of the theory of construction of parallel systems unlimited (potentially) of productivity, it was found out, that leading experts have been compelled to get fundamental preparation not in one narrow area, and in many fields of knowledge.

Thus it was found out, the more extensively area of fundamental preparation of the expert, then it is possible to expect from him successes in the decision of a problem, certainly in a combination to natural abilities more. On the basis of these materials the Global Education system which features is introduction of the program of fundamental preparation of the expert in very wide field of knowledge with award of the highest scientific degree in the world has been developed: Grand Doctor of Philosophy.

Existence and realization of the Global Education system and a possibility of application in practice of parallel computing systems create real preconditions for the successful decision of global problems

The basic results:

Requirements to a scientific degree are determined: To receive the INTERNATIONAL degree of PhD from the WIDU it is necessary to have the NATIONAL degree of PhD, to publish 15-20 scientific papers, to find an original solution of some problem, to prepare an original thesis. It requires 4-5 years.

To receive the degree of Grand PhD, it is necessary to have the degree of PhD of WIDU, to publish more than 100 scientific papers, 2-3 monographs, to take part in training of 10-20 PhD, to take part in solving of global problem as a supervisor. It requires 5-10 years

Programs for the international doctor of philosophy and grand doctor of philosophy are prepared. Regulations about doctor’s committees, about the senate, about global university of new type are developed.

Brochures « the Global education system », instructions, magazines, monographs are issued. Branches of university in the different countries are created.

The 1100 scientists are awarded degrees of the international doctor of philosophy and the 350 outstanding scientists are awarded degrees of grand doctor of philosophy, among them – presidents of Academies, the rector of the universities, famous scientists from many countries.

The management of the Global Education system is represented by outstanding scientists from Europe, America, to Asia, Africa, to Australia.

Recognition of scientific degrees and ranks:

In questions of recognition of degrees and ranks there are big difficulties.

The primary goal of Academy is to achieve the world recognition 4-level Education system (bachelor – MS-PhD-Grand PhD) in comparison with 3-level (bachelor – MS-PhD). Last, unfortunately, dominates all over the world and Russia has joined it also.

One of ways of recognition 4-level Education systems (bachelor – MS-PhD-Grand PhD) is the conclusion of the agreement on recognition (accreditation) between two universities or the organizations.

Agreements with 90 universities other organizations are signed. The World Information Distributed University – WIDU and the European Informatization Academy (L’Académie Européenne d’Informatisation – A.E.I.) in the status of the international organizations have the state accreditation in Armenia, in Mongolia, at a level of republics and areas in Russia: the Tatarstan Republic, the Chechen Republic and the Penza area, signed by Ministers of science and education and Governors.

Having used position, that according to the Belgian Constitutional Law education is one of the absolute freedoms in Belgium, the administration of Academy has accepted the offer of International Academy of sciences (IAS) in San Marino about 4 level to an education system and has received from it the sanction to accreditation and the license for educational activity on global problems (preparation PhD and Grand PhD for all Europe).

The Academie Europeenne de l’Informatisation – (AEI ), the World Information Distributed University (WIDU)  and the West Coast University (WCU) incorporated in Panama, Central America have signed the DECLARATION OF SITE AFFILIATION AGREEMENT.

The Corporation of Executives & Administrators (CEA) , The European Continental University (ECU), The UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) ( UK-CCL is a member of UK NARIC) and  Academie Europeenne de l’Informatisation – (AEI) , the World Information Distributed University (WIDU)  have concluded an agreement concerning recognition of scientific degrees of International PhD and Grand PhD.

The information in which all kinds of activity above the project « the Global Education system » are reflected is submitted on sites:

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