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World Information-Distributed University (WIDU)

Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof.
Winner of the Lenin prize (N2)

The President of the European Academy of Informatization,
The President of the International Informatization Center,
The President of the World Information Distributed University and
World Distributed University,
The Vice-President of the International Informatization Academy,
The President of the Academic Council of the Newport University CED, Latvia
The Grand Master of the World Order “Science. Education. Culture”


The World Information-Distributed University is an entity represented by the  European Informatization Academy (L’Academie Europeenne d’lnformatisation – A.E.I.) set up in Belgium by order of the Belgian King Albert II.

NOTE: The AEI started its function in 1999 and has closed its operations at November 2009 in Belgium and World Information-Distributed University (WIDU) Belgian operation. The WIDU is also registered in the Switzerland and Russian Federation and WIDU 26 Departments registered in different countries will continue their operation to establish the “Global Education System”.

WIDU is registered in Moscow (Russian Federation) and empowered with authorities necessary to train various degrees and specially to award the scientific degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Grand Doctor of Philosophy, scientific ranks of professor colleagues and full professors and to prepare the world base of educational programs and expertise of educational programs. These authorities are delegated to the university of the European Informatization Academy. WIDU has universities, academies, branches, scientific centers in many countries of Europe, Asia, and America.

The World Information-Distributed University shall solve the following problems:

  • conduct fundamental and applied research to solve global problems to create the information society;
  • train Doctors of Philosophy and Grand Doctors of Philosophy;
  • practically realize the agreement among many countries on mutual recognition of diplomas and certificates of higher qualification of specialists.

Fundamental and applied research shall be conducted by higher qualified specialists of the University in accordance with the terms of reference and proposals of the European Union represented by the European Commission, as well as transnational companies.

The need to solve global problems has resulted in necessity to improve the educational system in the part of the training of higher qualification specialists.

So far the key objective of the universities in the training of higher qualification specialists was to train Doctors of Philosophy to solve complicated but local problems. Specialists were profoundly trained in a relatively narrow sphere. The need in such experts is dominant for the forthcoming period of the mankind development. It can be assessed by the following ratio: one Doctor of Philosophy per one thousand of people.

To solve global problems, specialists with profound knowledge who can work on the juncture of many specialists simultaneously. As the information society develops, the need in solving global problems will increase. To solve them, it is required to train experts of the appropriate level.

For this purpose. Prof. E. Evreinov proposed to introduce a higher scientific degree: Grand Doctor of Philosophy compared to the Doctor of Philosophy. The degree of the Grand Doctor of Philosophy may be awarded to the Doctor of Philosophy who has more than 100 scientific papers, 3 or more monographs, and took part in training of 10 – 20 Doctors of Philosophy.

The need of the society in Grand Doctors of Philosophy may be assessed by the following ratio: one Grand Doctor of Philosophy per every ten thousand people.

Now, in accordance with the Charter, the degree of Grand Doctor of Philosophy may be awarded by four organizations:

  • International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) in the General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN (Moscow);
  • World Information-Distributed University (W.I.D.U.) (Moscow).

The main part in training and defending theses to get scientific degrees of the Doctor of Philosophy and the Grand Doctor of Philosophy shall belong to WIDU authorized by all the above organizations.

WIDU practically realizes agreements with many countries on the mutual recognition of diplomas and certificates, ensuring the certification of certificates and diplomas by the Higher Qualification Commission. Councils and Associations of the Universities and higher education establishments.

Diplomas and certificates of WIDU may be used as standards for the appraisal of the educational level during the comparison of certificates issued by appropriate organizations of universities of different countries.

The certification of diplomas and certificates shall be conducted as follows:

1. A specialist who received a diploma shall apply to WIDU on the certification of the diploma.
2. A Committee specially created for the specialist shall consider the provided documents and organize the defense to award the appropriate degree of the Master of Science (M.S.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Grand Ph.D.).

Organization of the preparation and defense of theses in WIDU shall correspond to the common rules applied in the most of famous universities of the world. The Harvard and Yell Universities can be named as examples of these universities. They are known for their high educational fees, highly qualified professors and specialists, carefully developed system of logistics for training students.

Compared to the above universities, WIDU shall have the following advantage s:

1. First of all, WIDU has a distributed structure. Branches of WIDU in the form of universities, academies, scientific centers are created in many countries. The process of their organization shall continue at both territorial and functional levels.
2. The training of specialists may be conducted in different forms: from classes to independent work and the coordinated individual training at home by highly qualified professors. Great attention is paid to the long distance training.
3. The important difference of WIDU is an opportunity to study and defend thesis in the native language.
4. Professors of the University play a key role in training future highly qualified specialists. The leading role in WIDU belongs to professors with the degree of Grand Doctor of Philosophy.
5. A more perfect credit system is available, compared to the famous universities.
6. A full credit can be provided for a very long period. The credit shall be provided by the Trustee Council of the University.

120 credits are provided for training of Doctors of Philosophy (3 credits per one subject), 100 credits – for Grand Doctors of Philosophy, 100 credits – for professors. Additionally, the Presidium of the University may provide an organizational credit amounted to 6 credits.

While selecting candidates for the education at the doctor department, the professors of University pay attention to specialists with great experience in solving economic, organizational and scientific problems, i.e. specialists who are potentially ready to solve complicated problems connected with building the informational society. At the same time, great attention is paid to the training of young specialists who are attracted for the work at projects in interests of the European Commission and transnational companies.

Over a relatively short period, more than 300 people obtained degrees of the Doctor of Philosophy and the Grand Doctor of Philosophy. Specialists from the USA, Canada, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechia, Latvia, Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Korea, China, India became Doctors of Philosophy and Grand Doctors of Philosophy.

Due to the availability of highly qualified professors experienced in solving global problems, original system of credits, WIDU has an opportunity to train Doctors of Philosophy and Grand Doctors of Philosophy practically in all spheres of the human activity.

To enter the doctor department of Un iversity, it is required to provide the following documents:

  • application to the Presidium of the University;
  • registration accounting card;
  • brief background (CURRICULUM VITAE);
  • photos (good execution, preferably colorful);
  • copies of diplomas and certificates;
  • abstract;
  • thesis report.

After the interview with the Chairman of the Trustee Council and the allocation of the credit by the chancellor and the vice-president of the University, the doctor committee shall be approved for every person working for a doctor degree from professors of WIDU (5 – 6 Grand Doctors of Philosophy). The doctor committee shall render to this person assistance in training, preparation and defense of the thesis.

The resolution of the doctor committee on awarding an appropriate degree to a person working for a doctor degree shall be final. Based on this resolution, he/she shall be issued a diploma on awarding him/her a scientific degree of the Doctor of Philosophy after the his/her official speech at the meeting of professors of the University’s branch.

To train the Doctor of Philosophy, 3 years are given, to train the Grand Doctor of Philosophy – 5 years.

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