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State Recognition

European Association International Education -EAIE

President of the World Information Distributed University -WIDU is a member of the EAIE


Recognition and accreditation of the WIDU by the Russian Rectors’ Union (RRU)  Accreditation WIDU- URF. About 800 rectors of State Universities of Russian Federation are members of the RRU (PCP) About 70 rectors of State universities of Union were awarded the scientific degree of Grand PhD from the WIDU. Rectors of Universities.

WIDU is registered in the Switzerland, the Russian Federation and empowered with authorities necessary to train and award scientific degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Grand Doctor of Philosophy, scientific ranks of professor colleagues and full professors and to prepare the world base of educational programs and expertise of educational programs. These authorities are delegated to the university of the European Informatization Academy. WIDU has universities, academies, branches, scientific centers in many countries of Europe, Asia, and America.

The Ministry of Education and sciences of the Russian Federation according to the order of minister A. Fursenko from May 30, 2007 has created Council on remote educational technologies with participation of the Russian universities and the organizations, and foreign representation. Under the recommendation of the ministry and heads of Council the foreign representation is entrusted for carrying out Eduard Evreinov, the president of the European Academy of Informatization, the president (rector) of the World Information-Distributed University registered in Switzerland Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (President Mamadsho Ilolov) and European Academy of Informatization – AEI (President Eduard Evreinov) signed the Contract and the agreement about the mutual recognition (accreditation) of degrees of International PhD and Grand Doctor of Philosophy (the highest scientific degree in the world -Grand PhD).

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, established in 1951, is the main scientific centre of the Republic, and houses 21 research institutes, 3 science centers and several departments. Fellows to the academy are elected on merit-basis either as corresponding members or academicians. At present there are 28 academicians and 53 corresponding members. President Mamadsho Ilolov , PhD, Grand PhD, Prof., Academician is the outstanding scientist in Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The degrees of the WIDU are the highest compared to the national degree of any country. Who want to study at the WIDU, he must have a national degree of PhD of this country. There is no problem with the recognition for working as a post-graduate specialist.

The holder of the degrees of PhD and Grand PhD of WIDU is allowed to use them in countries, signed the agreement or registered the WIDU.

The WIDU (BIRU) is registered in Moscow (RF) as a scientific nongovernmental organization to train for the Degrees of PhD and of Grand PhD. The governmental number of registration is # 1027739598787.

The Highest Attestation Qualification Committee (BAKK) is a scientific public association for attestation of experts for degrees Kandidat Nauk (PhD) and Doktor Nauk (Grand PhD). Diplomas of BAKK are legally used in RF at nongovernmental scientific institutions and commercial organizations. The governmental number of registration is # Certificate 76.105, LG # 007623(OPGHM 1027739926378).

Armenia. Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of RA and the AEI-WIDU. Registration number #17688.

Mongolia. Agreement between the Mongolian Academy of Science (MAS) and the AEI-WIDU. The MAS empowered by Mongolian parliament to awards the scientific degrees in Mongolia.

Tatarstan Republic. Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of the TR and the AEI-WIDU. December 23, 2004.

To receive the degree of PhD of WIDU it is necessary to have the national degree of PhD, to publish 15-20 scientific papers, to find an original solution of some problem, to prepare an original thesis. It requires 4-5 years.

To receive the degree of Grand PhD, it is necessary to have the degree of PhD of WIDU, to publish more than 100 scientific papers, 2-3 monographs, to take part in training of 10-20 PhD, to take part in solving of global problem as a supervisor. It requires 5-10 years.

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