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Outstanding Persons

Dr. Larm Tak Cheong
has honored the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Honoris Causa for his special contribution in Business Administration
from NU on March 18, 2024.

Dr. Larm was born in Hong Kong on 27th October, 1963.

He was self-educated and had earned the degree of MBA, BBA and BSc in Engineering Management.

He has been certified as Certified Financial Consultant by The Institute of Financial Consultants, Chartered Business Administrator by Chartered Association of Business Administrators and Chartered Management Consultant by Chartered Institute of Management Consultants respectively.

Moreover, he is registered as a Security Assistant Manager (RSAM) and Facilities Assistant Manager (RFAM) under the Registered Security Manager Scheme as well as under the Registered Facilities Manager Scheme of the International Certification Authority (ICA), Asia Pacific respectively. This registration reflects his competency in the field of security management/facilities management and his commitment to maintain high standards in the industries.

Among his accolades, he has been awarded the QAHE Certified Manager Award (Building Management), a testament to his exceptional abilities in overseeing and managing buildings.

He holds various engineering professional institutions memberships. Currently, he is a Provisional Member (PMET) of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), an Associate member (AMICE) of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), an Associate member (AHKIFE) of Hong Kong Institution of Facilities Engineers (HKIFE) and an Associate member (ACABE) of Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) respectively.

He possesses a wide variety of professional memberships. He is a Member (MHKEnv) of The Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalists (HKIOE), and a Member (MIoL) of The Institute of Leadership (IoL) (formerly known as The Institute of Leadership & Management).
In addition, he is an Associate (AIWFM) of the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM), and an Associate (ACIL) of Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) – English.

He has been awarded the prestigious QAHE Honorary Academician Award in recognition of his exceptional achievements and contributions in various fields.

He is a distinguished professional who has been recognized with several notable awards and honors throughout his illustrious career. His expertise and accomplishments span diverse areas, including building management, property management, facilities management, security management, business management,  and quality assurance in education.

His outstanding achievements in the field of education and quality assurance have also earned him the esteemed title of Fellow of QAHE, granted by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education.

In addition to his accomplishments in building management and quality assurance, he has been recognized for his leadership and contributions in the realm of business management. He has received an Honorary Fellowship in Business Management from the International American University, acknowledging his noteworthy contributions and expertise in the field.

Furthermore, he has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from the Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland, underscoring his exceptional endeavors and significant impact in the field of business administration.

His professional achievements extend beyond his academic and managerial expertise. He has been admitted as a Fellow of The Institute of Administrative Management, UK, the Malaysian Institute of Management and Institute of Managers & Leaders, Australia/New Zealand, recognizing his dedication and contributions to the respective institutions.

He is a holder of a Certificate in Public Housing Agency Management awarded by The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). With a current Estate Agent’s Individual License issued by the Estate Agents Authority, Hong Kong, he is authorized to carry out estate agency work, demonstrating his qualifications and experience in the field.In recognition of his extensive expertise and valuable contributions in the field of quality assurance in education, he has been bestowed with an Honorary Professorship Award by QAHE. This prestigious award further highlights his remarkable professional journey and his significant impact on the advancement of quality assurance in education.

His commendable accomplishments and recognition across multiple domains exemplify his remarkable professional journey and his significant impact in the areas of building management, property management, facilities management, security management, business management, and quality assurance in education. QAHE is honored to present him with the Honorary Academician Award and Honorary Doctorate degree in Engineering and Management jointly awarded by American University of Business and Social Sciences (AUBSS) and The International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education (QAHE) both recognizing his outstanding achievements and contributions to these fields.

Nishal Khusial
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
Digital Science, Data & Technology
from NU on May 2022

We proudly submit that the honorable Sir Nishal Khusial is a renowned cyber visionary, futurist, risk technologist, and philanthropist that has prominence within the Africa region for his contribution to science and technology. As a regionally known pioneer specifically within the forensic technology field: he has served various anti-corruption bodies as Technology expert, including Interpol, the African National Treasury, National Defense & Homeland Security Agencies and various multinational conglomerates in the exception detection and prevention of international fraud. In these roles, he has crafted proprietary technological approaches to virtualization, cloud, and volatile-base forensic assessment protocols. As an avant-garde professional, he was one of the founders of the field of anti-forensic technology within the field of communication technology.

As an entrenched academic, he was featured in a professional publication: FACE magazine by one of the leading international auditing firm, PwC: as attaining the highest global score for a technological PCI assessment. As a prodigy, he has been granted subscription to the Internally renown Prometheus Society and was nominated as an elected member of the Forbes International Technology Council since 2020 and is lauded as a grandfather of technology regulation agencies within the Africa space through his training and mentoring efforts within the sector.

He has assisted various international regulation bodies including the United Nations with technological systems enablement and global analytical framework conceptualization to optimize the supply chain of the World Food Program, increasing the effectiveness of the program’s sustenance deployment, in global regions which have genuine need, of the World Food Program interventions.

He is a published academic and has a philanthropic relationship with various university within the continent who utilize his syllabi guidelines to train all levels of professional between graduates, up to executive leaders in the fields of data science, risk management, commercial forensic information technology and cyber-futurism. He is a certified professional decorated with various academic achievements and commendations including Data Modelling and Business Analysis from the BVG International University and has been featured in publications online and within articles circa the International Business Times Live.

He has served as corporate-to-government liaison between various Embassies including those of ambassadorial Senegal, India, Mauritius, Turkey, and Austria: wherein he brokered various cross-border initiatives using the narrative of the 4th technological revolution as a bridging mechanism between 1st and 3rd world countries.

Currently, he is instrumental in developing and coordinating the technological platforms of anti-illegal trade activities on behalf of an international investment super-corporation that is instrumental in anti-terrorism and the protection of ethical international trade.

He has been honored with the title of principality-academic knighthood within New Zealand for his contributions and has been recognized for contributions on the subject of “unmanned, intelligent technology in the application of resuscitative agriculture”.

As a foremost futurist, he sits on the Advisory Boards of various multinational bodies in chartering the course of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Risk Tech, Biotech & Neurotech, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Authentication Tech (including Blockchain). He holds directorship, interest and leadership positions in various companies and corporations globally, in which he directs the efforts of these entities in plotting futurism innovation and digital initiatives.

Piruz Khambatta
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
from NU on November 2020

Dr. Piruz Khambatta is the Chairman & Managing Director at Rasna Pvt Ltd. from 1997, which is now one of the largest multinational company and most popular brand in India. He is the Past President of All India Food Processors’ Association, Chairman, CII Gujarat Council for 2003-04, 2004-05. Chairman, CII National Committee on Food Processing for three consecutive years from the year 2005 to 2008. Chairman, CII National Council. He is active member of various Task Force and Council in CII.  He is also Member of high-level Ministry-Industry Consultative Committee (MICC) constituted by Ministry of Food Processing Industries to give advice on issue to do with food processing to various government committees for the growth of food processing as well as legal issues on compliance of food safety. Trustee of Areez Khambatta  Benevolent Trust, Founder of Rasna Foundation, the CSR Arm of the company, actively involved in health care and education of under privileged poor people. Member, MICA-EDC Advisory Council, Member, Food Processing Education Council constituted by National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM) and Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT). Director, Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. Mr. Khambatta has been appointed as Ambassador of ‘Make in India’ initiative by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India. Hon. Consul General South Korea (Gujarat). He is Chairman – CII Task Force on East of Doing Business and Chairman CII National Committee on Special Abilities, Ambassador Make in India initiative and Champion of Change (NITI Aayog).

Under Dr. Khambatta’s leadership Rasna has got various awards like Rasna has also received the Consumer Award for the year 2007 and 2006. Prestigious Superior Taste Award, 2008 instituted by The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), Belgium at the hands of Shri Subodh Kant Sahai Hon. Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, in the presence of Mr. Christian De Bauw of  iTQi for its new product Rasna Fruit Plus, which is world’s fastest dissolving  powder, iTQi Belgium superior taste award 2008, Monde Selection Quality Award, 2012, Most promising brand of the year 2014-15 (Soft Drinks) Food & Beverage Sector Asia. Monde Selection Quality Award, 2012 by Monde International Quality Institute. Most preferred Brand 2003 & 2004, consumer world award 2014.

Dr. Khambatta has a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and a Bachelor degree in Law and attended several Management courses at Wharton School, Philadelphia, IIM Calcutta etc.

Martin Chi Wah CHAN
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
from NU on June 2019
Martin Chi Wah CHAN served the Independent Commission Against Corruption of the Hong Kong Government from April 1984 – February 2018 with the latest post as Senior Investigation Official. In 1998 he completed his Master of Laws from Peking University of China, he got Chinese Lawyer Training Certificate from Remin University of China and the Judiciary Department of China in 1994. He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrator, UK and Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals, UK from 2018.


Muhammad Ajmal Khan
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
Social Work
from NU on January 2017

Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan is a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, and humanitarian who is the founder of the New World Hope Organization (NWHO), an organization that is engaged in humanitarian, environment and participatory development, and sustainability in Pakistan and abroad.

Dr. Khan holds a Ph.D. degree from Newport University, Latvia, an M.A in Political Science from University of the Punjab, Pakistan and a two year diploma in Crises & International Disaster Management Institute of Information and Management, Pakistan. He has also earned a D.H.M.S., R.H.M.P diploma (Homeopathic Physician). He currently works to support his family and assist the those with lower incomes in Pakistan by providing them with educational opportunities, a chance to earn their living and healthier living conditions.

The function of Dr. Khan’s work in Pakistan is to provide guardianship to any adult who needs protection and lacks capacity, as well as to organize and conduct seminars, workshops and study group on major issues of population aging. Older people are disproportionally affected by the increase in natural disasters and climate change and NWHO advocates for their inclusion in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation debates and programs. NWHO also serves as legal guardian for approximately 23 adults, many of whom were victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. In its capacity as Guardian, NWHO works to ensure the physical and financial safety of each of its clients. Dr. Khan has also attended various UN national and international meetings as a representative of the Pakistani community and actively participated in many social agendas and working group meetings.

has received the Commander of the International Order
“Science. Education. Culture”
the degree of PhD, Grand PhD and is the Full Professor
of the NU in 2013.
KOFI ANNAN the Secretary General of the United Nations Cavalier and Commander of the International Order “Science. Education. Culture”, PhD, Grand PhD, Professor The Nobel Winner of the Peace Prize 2001 year, equally diplomat and active worker, peacemaker and initiator In eyes of the international community is a symbol of Organization of the Incorporated Nations. His work provides ordinary daily advices from the world leaders and other people, participation in work of sessions of various bodies of Organization of the Incorporated Nations and trip worldwide within the framework of general efforts on improvement of a rule on the international arena. Each year the General secretary publishes the report, in which estimates work of Organization and states the vision of its future priorities.


Mark Donfried
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
Cultural Diplomacy Diversification
from NU on May 2012

Mark Donfried gained a BA in Modern European History & French from Columbia University in 2000, during which he wrote his senior thesis on  “Europe’s Hajj, The Hajj and Europe in the 20th Century” and spent two semesters studying at l’Institut d’E?tudes Politiques de Paris, where he wrote his thesis on “The Diplomacy of Jazz”.

In December of 2001 Mark Donfried founded the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, since its inception it has grown to become one of Europe’s largest independent cultural exchange organizations and continues to be committed to its goal to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels.

In 1999, Mark Donfried published “Searching for a Cultural Diplomacy”, exploring the significance of cultural diplomacy in regions other than the United States or “western” countries, that is, regions that have been neglected by scholars so far—Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Niranjan C. Bhat
has honored the degree of Ph.D. honoris causa for his special contribution in
International Law
from NU on May 2012

In recognition of his contributions to world peace he has been awarded the DSc. degree by International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS, Russia) which is also accredited by the esteemed International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP, Italy). He was nominated to the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, and got the 2009 CCLP honors.


The Royal Highness Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V
has honored the degree of Grand Ph.D. for his special contribution in
Peace and Education
from NU on March 2011.

HRH Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V, the Chief of Gomoa Nyanyano, and Oshihene (Chairman of Lands) of Gomoa Akempim Traditional Area, Ghana. Ghana’s historic traditional monarchies are recognized under the Chieftaincy Act 1971.


BUSA’ S.E. Mons. Sen. Prof. Viktor
has received the Commander of the International Order
“Science. Education. Culture”
the degree of Grand PhD and is the Full Professor
of the NU in 2010.

Viktor Ivan Busà, born on 15.12.1941 in Palermo, Italy, can look back at his interesting family history as far as 800 years. The  roots of his family are historically traceable to Khan Buzar of Almaliq who was a vassal of Chengis Khan in 1211.

As Lord President of the IPSP he is  Archbishop Viktor Busà, consecrated 1969 by Archbishop Manoel Ceia Laranjeira. Since his election 1996 Busà heads the Brazilian Orthodox Church (Bielo Rusian Rite) as Patriarch. Within the International Parliament he is President of the Council of the States, and additionally he is also Attorney General at the International Conference and Confederation of Attorneys, Washington D.C., USA. In his function as President of the IPSP, he signed  together with former Costa Rican President Rodrigo Carazo Odio on 24.01.1987, then President of the Peace University of the United Nations, a convention of cooperation in the fields of Human Rights, Social Justice, Security for the Nations and World Peace.

In the early 1970s he became actively involved in the government in exile of the Republic of Danzig under Prime Minister Rudi Dohrenbusch and has been honored for this work and his humanitarian service with the “Outstanding Achievement” Citation by the 117th General Assembly of the State of Ohio Senate and its President Senator Paul E. Gillmor. Following that Busà has been honored twice for his fight for civil rights and social justice by the late Governor George C. Wallace on 12.02.1974 as Honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Alabama State Militia and also as Honorary Admiral in the Great State of Alabama Navy as a result of his spiritual contribution to the Governor’s totally changed attitude towards civil rights which occured at that time. The State of Kentucky honoured Viktor Busà as Honorary Secretary of State and Kentucky Life Senator on 28.01.1983 by act of Secretary of State Frances Jones Mills whereas Governor Wallace C. Wilkinson honoured him as Kentucky Colonel on 13.01.1989. On 15.08.1984 he has been honored as a West Virginia Ambassador of Good Will Among all People by Secretary of State A. James Manchin. Nebraska Secretary of State Allen J. Beermann followed suit by appointing Busà as Associate Secretary of State on 23.01.1990.  Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee honored him as “Arkansas Traveler to serve as Ambassador of Good Will to the people of other states” . Mayor Alejandro Marimon Salinas of Maria La Baja in Colombia conferred on 15.02.2007 with Decree Number 014 Honorary Citizenship upon Busà for his lifetime work for the International Parliament for Safety and Peace. The Consejo Municipal de Derechos del Nino y del Adolescente in Venezuela issued a Certificate of Recognition to Viktor Busà for “his dedicated work for the defence of Human Rights, especially for children and young adults” on 05.03.2007. Additionally has has been honored as Honorary Member of the Chamber of Senators of the Republic of Argentina on 21.05.2007.

He is also Knight Commander Grand Cross of the Order of Independence of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea since his appointment by President Teodoro Obiang on 29.11.2005. He has also received the Decoration to the Diplomatic and Humanistic Merit “Mahatma Gandhi” in 2005. Mons. Viktor Busà was on 20.08.2007 appointed as Vice President of the Council of the Committee of World Culture and Sports (DUMA), as well as Expert Counselor for Problems of National Security of Russia. Finally, the Council of Geopolitics appointed Busà as Honorary President on 24.05.2008

Msgr. Viktor Busà is an activist devoted to the cause of peace, defence of life, and human rights. He has been in the struggle for the cause for over 30 years, without a break, since the creation of the IPSP.

His visionary dream for peace in the world and respect for human beings makes his life really remarkable.

Two years after the creation of the IPSP, his partner and co-founder of the IPSP and its first General Secretary and then president of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III, passed away. Mgr. Viktor Busà went ahead alone, as the chair of the IPSP, until Dr. Sypros Kyprianou ( then new President of the Republic of Cyprus) was elected International Vice President  of IPSP.

On academic field, Msgr Busà has been honored with various honorary doctorates and he is Professor extraordinary of the Psychoembriology College in Sao Paulo, Brazil and independent Lecturer for Psychiatry at Catholic University of Cuenca in Ecuador.

His scientific publications include:

Elementi di Paleontologia (1963)

Saggi Scientifici e Culturali (1969)

Manifesto per una nuova politica popolare delle Nazzioni (1976)

Fenomenica sulla criminalita in Italia (1977)

Lezioni di Paleornitologia (1978)

Echi di vita primoridale sulla Terra (1982)

Tesi sul Tyrannosaurus Rex (1984)

Aspetti Psicopatici nella criminalizzazione (1985)

La Tanatomia nella Psichiatrica contemporanea (1996)

Epicedio della civilta umana alla luce dello Scibilismo (1998)

Il Fattore psicopatologico personale nella Litazomania (1998)

Genesi e profilassi pschiatrica delle Ansiopatie (1999)

Classificazione delle Psicopatologie piu frequenti (2002)

Dimenticare questo Mondo (2003)

Scibilismo Contemporaneo (2003)

Grand Ph.D, Ph.D, MBA, MDS
Professor, Academician

1981 Secondary School Certificate
Momenshahi Cadet College, Tangail.
1983 Higher Secondary Certificate
Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail.
1985 Bachelor of Science in Defense Studies
University of Chittagong
1998 Master in Defense Studies
National University, Bangladesh
2002 Masters in Business Administration
American International University of Management
And Technology, USA

Academic Titles
2008 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Newport University, Latvia, EU
2008 Professor
Newport University, Latvia, EU
2010 Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Grand PhD)
Newport University, Latvia, EU
2010 Academician
International Informatization Foundation

Government Services
At Home
1984- 2005 Worked in Bangladesh Army, total 21 years.
At Abroad
1995-1996 Military Contingent Member in Haiti
2002-2003 Staff Officer in United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia.

Doing Business in garments Industry as Managing Director
(River Side Sweaters Limited) from 2006 till date

Letter of Appreciations
(a) By Special Representative of the Secretary General Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi for outstanding performance
(b) By US General, Force Commander Major General Joseph W Kinzer
(c) For exceptionally meritorious service as a member of the security detailed for the Honorable Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, and his family during their visit to Haiti on 15 October 1995.
(d) By Bangladesh Chief Military Observer (CMO) and Force Commander of UNOMIG, Georgia, 2003

Military Awards
(a) Disaster management- Flood ’88
(b) National election- Parliamentary Election 91.
(c) Counter insurgency operation- Twice, Operation Dabanol
(d) Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti- 95.

(a) Article on “Problems and Prospect of UN peace Keeping Operation” 1997 deposited to Defense Services Command and Staff College.
(b) Article on “ Problems of Air Defense Artillery in Bangladesh”, 1997 deposited to Defense Services Command and Staff College.
(c) Article on “ Impact of Technology in Future War and Options for Bangladesh”, 2000 deposited to Artillery Center and School.
(d) Doctoral Thesis on “Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Islamic World: South Asian Perspective: Possible Measures For Alternative Solutions” deposited to the Doctoral Committee of the Newport University, Latvia, EU.
(e) Post Doctoral Thesis on “Implementation of Fundamentalism in Islamic World: South Asian Perspective: Possible Alternative Measures for Implementation” deposited to the Doctoral Committee of the Newport University, Latvia, EU.

C.W.O, Ph.D, Ph.D (hc), Dr. (hc)

His Royal Majesty The King was born in 1946
The Son of the Late Papa Prince Sanni Godmade Ashade

1952-1555 Christ Apostolic School
1955-1960 Attended Ahmadiyya School-Ogba
1961-1963 Ahmadiyya Secondary Commercial School-Ogba

Academic Titles
2003 Doctor of Humanities (hc)
Bircham International University
2005 Doctor of Law (hc)
Weston Reserve University
2006 Doctor of Humanities
World International Distributed University
2006 Professor
World International Distributed University
2006 Academician
International Diplomatic Academy

Pre-Coronation Services
1965-1967 Chief E.O. Ashamu Group of Companies
1962-1968 Served in the Nigerian Police Force
1982-1985 Sona Breweries Nigeria Limited
1985-1986 Chief Security-Nigerian Bottling Company

Coronation day 28th of April 2002
Coronation of His Royal Majesty King (Oba) Ibrahim Sanni Arologbade Ashade IV
C.W.O, Ph.D, Ph.D(hc), Dr.(hc) The Ologba of Ogba Kingdom

Agege Local Government Chieftaincy Committee
Council of Obas (Kings)
Chairman-Council of Chiefs & Elders of Ogbaland
Founder-Ogba Progressive Club
Eminent Group of Nigerians
Awori Welfare Association of Nigeria
Aworila of Nigeria
Membership of various organisations too numerous to list.

Patron-Ogba Trust Fund-2002
Patron-Royal Order of The Crowns-2003
Patron-Awori Shrines & Institutes

© HRM-The Ologba of Ogbaland-2006
Published by Royal Approval.

Ph.D., Grand D.Sc., Prof.

Academician Professor Emeritus Dr. Deric N. Bircham Royal Prince & Chief Atunluse of the Kingdom of Ogba Prince Deric, Academician Professor Emeritus Dr. Deric Bircham was the fourth son of Stanley Ernest and Rita Muriel Bircham (both now deceased) born in Wellington, New Zealand December 16th 1934. His English family can be traced back through the Squires of English Villages in Norfolk to 1360. Prof. Bircham carries duel citizenship of both New Zealand and Great Britain. He was Legally Adopted by Royal Charter and through the High Courts of Nigeria into the Ashade Royal Family in 2002 by His Majesty King (Oba) Dr. Ibrahim Sanni Arolagbade Ashade (IV) The Ologba Of Ogba Kingdom as a Son of the King and a Chief of the Ancient Kingdom of Ogbaland that has been acknowledged by the British Crown since the 1850’s. He is the advisor to the Kingdom on International Affairs and Confident to his Majesty the King. His career path was spent with 26 years in the New Zealand Public Service in Wellington from 1952-1978 in the Ministries of Soil Conservation and Rivers Control, Tourist and Publicity, Works and Development and Foreign Affairs, after which time he relocated to the Southern City of Dunedin where he was appointed onto the staff of the University of Otago from 1978 – 1989 after which time he returned to the Capital to commence his own Business in Natural and Complimentary Medicine and also help establish several International Organisations. He is currently President, Bircham International College (England), President, Bircham International University (USA, Spain & International), President, Bircham Institute of Education (South Africa), President, Educational Accreditation Quality Commission (USA & Europe), International Chairman, International Institute of Mental Arithmetic (New Zealand & Taiwan), International Chairman, World Mental Arithmetic Inc (Taiwan), International Chairman, Chinese Internet World Intelligence Network (Taiwan & China), and International Chairman, Kerith Valley College & Seminary (England & USA). He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1985 with a major in “Visual Communication” and in 1987 a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a thesis in “Psychological Management” both from California University for Advanced Studies, San Francisco, USA. In 2000 he was awarded with a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with the thesis “Aspects of Management”, also in 2000 he completed a Doctor of Science Degree with a thesis “Nerve Stimulation” from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicine in Sri Lanka as well as a Doctor of Medicine with his thesis being “Nerve Stimulation Therapeutics” from the Open International University for Complimentary Medicine Faculty of Medical Studies, Medicina Alternativa Institute in association with the with the Zoroastrian College in India. In 2002 he was awarded a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Western Reserve University under the European Union and a Royal Charter and in 2005 he was awarded a Ph.D in Arts and Letters from California University, USA, and more recently a Ph.D and Grand D.Sc from the Académie Européenne de l’Informatisation, World Information Distributed University. He has received many Doctorate Degrees Honoris Causa from Universities around the World, covering several in Philosophy in many fields, others in Psychology, Literature, Science, Letters, Music, Alternative Medicine, Humanities, Political Science, Education, Orthomolecular Medicine, Pedagogy, Public Relations, and Jurisprudence Law and several Diplomas and Post Graduate Diplomas Honoris Causa, in Public Relations, Culture and Humanitarian Relations, Science, Education, Pedagogy, International Relations, Education (Multi), Arts & Letters, and Chinese Wisdom. Fellowships in Professional Organisations have been from the Royal Photographic Society, and Royal Society of Arts (England), International Biographical Centre United Writers Association. (Bombay, India), New Zealand Institute of Management, Beijing Institute of Management (China), Mazdayashnie Monastery (India) and Life Patron of Genesis Business Institute (Ghana, West Africa) and Senior Life Patron (Honourary) Zoroastrian College, India. 1995 he pursued studies in the area of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine under Lord Pundit Professor Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya in the field of Acupuncture at the South Colombo Hospital in Sri Lanka. He attended post graduate seminars and courses in “Pain Management” and “Sports Medicine” in Australia held by The Royal Australian General Practitioners Association adding to his skills and knowledge which resulted in his being awarded the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Alternative Medicine in 1997, Certificate of Excellence in the Healing Arts from Medicina Alternativa, and the Laureate of Honour with the appointment of “Royal Physician” of the Ancient Royal Order of Physicians of Sri Lanka dedicated to the memory of King Buddhadasa. He also undertook studies in the ancient form of healing known as Reiki to Master level. (Shamballa Method of Healing). Awards of Excellence & Special Certificate of Merit in Health Sciences (Mazdayashnie Monastery, India), Awards of Excellence in Education and Services to Humanity, together with Holistic World Health Congress Certificate, Millennium Award for Education, Zoroastrian College (India). Honourary Life Membership of “Amigos de la Holistica” (Spain) conferred upon him in 2000 and in 2001 the International Board of Orthomolecular Medicine Gibraltar (European Union) Board Certified him as an Orthomolecular Medical Practitioner. In 2004 he was made a Companion of the Order of the International Professional Research Association for Integrated Medicine and in 2005 the Commission on Academic Standards in the Healing Arts (CASHA) honoured him. 1996 saw him conferred Academician to the Italian Accademia Costantiniana de Letters, Arti e Scienze, and in 2002 made Emeritus Professor of Bircham International University also Professor Emeritus of the Zoroastrian College and the Status of Academician of the Mazdayashnie Monastery (India) as well as The Indian Council of Natural Medicine and Research (India) appointed him a “Pundit” for Services to Medical Sciences and Humanity. His interest in Mental Mathematics commenced in 1998 and along with other colleagues established The International Institute of Mental Arithmetic in association with the World Mental Arithmetic Inc of Taiwan. The President of Taiwan, President Lee presented him, and three colleagues with large Presidential Silver Salvors each at a Special Dinner Reception held in their honour in recognition of their contribution of the development of Mental Mathematics in Taiwan. He has been Director, Instigator and Speaker at various Schools, Seminars, Lectures and Workshops at Universities, Congresses and Conferences in England, Europe, United States of America, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, in the areas of Photography, Management Studies, Natural and Complementary Medicine, Pedagogy Education, Psychology, Religious Studies and Mental Mathematics. The author and co-author of many books including Seeing New Zealand (5 Editions), Waitomo Tourist Caves, Towards a More Just World, Table Tennis, Thirteen Facets, A Day In The Life Of New Zealand, Old St. Paul’s, Rhapsody, Dunedin-New Zealand’s Best Kept Secret, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Work’s of Gottfried Lindauer, Golf Course Design and Turf Care at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course, I Shall Pass This Way But Once, New Zealanders of Destiny, Deric’s Photo Notes Volume 1 & 2, Radiation Therapy, Discover the Way of Survival, Aspects of Hospitality Management, Aspects of Management, Aspects of Reiki, Aspects of Nerve Stimulation, Aspects of Nerve Stimulation Therapeutics, Aspects of Staff Training and Development, Aspects of Marketing, Choose your Destiny, and Body Language. He received Honourary Diplomatic Appointments from 1994-2002 first for the “First Children’s Embassy” (MEDJASHI) (United Nations Affiliated) as Honourary Consul General for New Zealand, as well as from 1989-2002 to the “International Parliament For Safety and Peace” initially as Senator of the High Chamber, then Ambassador Extraordinary and finally Ambassador Plenipotentiary for the South Pacific Nations. International Appointments have been 1986-1998 Consulting Professor World University, Arizona (U.S.A), 1986-Life, Deputy Governor and Ambassador of Achievement (American Biographical Institute), 1990 Professor & Researcher (Honoris Causa) United Nations University for Peace, United Nations Charter No. 35/55/X11/1980. Pour La Paix. Brussels (Belgium), 1993 Consulting Professor (Honoris Causa) The International University. (USA), (Affiliated to the Albert Schweitzer Society), (Professor & Expert in Special Pedagogy. “Distance Learning”) 1995 Consulting Professor (Honoris Causa) Nicholas Debrowa University (Chile), 1999 Honourary President, Youth Democratic Union of Albania, 1999-date Honourary Professor, International Advisory Board and Faculty Member Indigenous & Holistic Health Sciences / Alternative Medicine Department. Zoroastrian College (India) and from 2000-2001 the Inaugural Chancellor, Head of Academic Board, Dean & Professor of the Faculties of Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Fine Arts to Phoenix International University (Malaysia) (Resigned 2001) Over the years he has received over 400 International Honours, Diplomas, Plaques, Citations, Awards, and Medals for his services to Literature, Photography, Management, Education, Medical Science, Humanity, the Freedom of Religious Choice and Mental Mathematics, the most notable being the 1986 Albert Einstein Peace Medal, 1988 White Cross Medal for Contributions to Literature and Art, 1996 International Man of the Year (ABI, USA), 1997 Albert Schweitzer Award for Complimentary Medicine, Presidential Distinguished Visiting V.I.P. Award from President Lee of Taiwan For Mental Arithmetic. He has been included in hundreds of “Who’s Who” publications the most notable of late being inclusion in “500 Living Legends”, “1000 Great Scholars of the World” and “500 Genius of the 21st Century” publishing date 2006. Notable accolades being Knight Grand Cross of the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), and Co-Presiding Chief of the Royal Order of the Crowns and Commander of the World Order “Science, Education, Culture”, others.

Victor SHUDEGOV PhD, Grand PhD,Prof.

Victor SHUDEGOV has graduated from the WIDU in 2005. He has received the degrees of PhD and Grand PhD. He is I the Full Professor of the WIDU. Professor Shudegov is the President of Committee of Council of Federation on a science, culture, formation, public health services and ecologies since May 18, 2004. He was born on December,. In 1975 he graduated from the Udmurt state university on specialty (“physics”). 1975 -1976 – training at Leningrad state university of the USSR. 1976 -1977 – service in the ranks of SA (the Central Asian military district). 1977 -1980 – training, study in postgraduate study Leningrad State University. 1980 -1990 – engineer, the assistant, the senior teacher, the senior lecturer at Udmurt University (Izhevsk). 1990 -1993 – study in doctoral studies at Leningrad State University. 1994 -1999 – the professor managing faculty of physics and mechanics of new materials, the rector of Institute of regionlogy, the pro-rector on scientific work at Udmurt State University. 1999 – 2000. The first vice-president of Committee of Council of Federation on a science, culture, formation, public health services and ecologies. A member of the Commission of Council of Federation on methodology of realization of the constitutional powers of Council of Federation-powers of Council of Federation. He is the Russian doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the Russian state professor. He knows Russian, German, and Udmurtian. He is the author more than 160 scientific publications, including 10 clauses on normative and technical and innovative activity in sphere of a science and the higher school.


Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.

V.K.BOCHKAREV, PhD, Prof. Governor of the Penzenskaya Oblast’ Bochkarev has graduated from the WIDU for the Degree of PhD in 2004. He has Certificate of Full Professor of the World Information Distributed University. He is a Cavalier of the World Order of Science, Education and Culture. Born in 1949 in the village the Willow of the Nizhnelomovskeyeo region of Penzenskaya Oblast’. In 1968 finished Alatyrskiy forestry technical school. In 1973 finished Mari polytechnic institute for specialty “engineer of forestry”, while in 1994 – special-department of the retraining of personnel of Penza state technical university for specialty “state and regional administration”. In 1973 he worked as a forester of Veselovskiy forestry of Leninist mekhleskhoza. Up to 1977 he worked as the chief forester of Kameshkirskogo mekhleskhoza, as the chief for the management of the working supply of the management of forestry of Penzenskaya Oblast’. From 1977 through 1980 he was a deputy chief of Penza auto-transport group. From 1980 for 1987 he was the chief of the cargo motor transport enterprise for Penza transport administration. From April 1987 he is the chairman of district executive committee. In 1991 it is appointed the Head of Administration of the railroad region of Penza. During December 1996 he is selected to this post. On 12 April 1998, he won the election the Head of Administration of region. To the election by governor he occupied the post of the Head of Administration of the railroad region of Penza. Until April 1999 it was combined the post of governor with the post of the chairman of provincial government. In accordance with the new law about the government of Penzenskaya Oblast’ he accumulated from yourself the authorities of the chairman of government. He is rewarded with the order of Honor, with the order of the Russian Church of Holy blagovernogo prince Danil Moskovskogo.. On 14 April, 2002, it is re-elected to the post of the governor of Penzenskaya Oblast’.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
A.L. CHERNOGOROV, PhD, Grand PhD, Prof. Governor of Stavropol Region of Russian Federation. Alexander Chernogorov is a noted scientist, a distinguished statesman and a notable public man. He was elected as a Head of Government of Stavropol region in 1996 and re-elected in 2001.Personal Data: He was born on 13 July 1959 in village Vosdvigenskoe of Stavropol Region, Russia. Academic and professional background: MS with Honours, farming, Cuban agriculture Institute, 1976 1981; MS with Honours, Russian Academy of Government; KANDIDAT NAUK eqv. PhD, S. P. University; He graduated from the World Information Distributed University for the Degree of PhD in law; the highest scientific Degree of Grand PhD from the WIDU was conferred on him in 2004; He has the Certificate of Full Professor of the WIDU. Main Fields: Agriculture, Jurisprudence, Administration, Economy, Party and Government Activity, Culture, Security. Career: Present Position: 1996 and present, Governor of Stavropol Region; 1995, Deputy of State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation; 1994, Senior lecturer of Stavropol University; 1990, Presiding Commissioner on Affair of Youth; 1987,the First Secretary of Komsomol of Stavropol Region; 1981,Agriculture engineer, Komsomol active worker; Memberships: member of Moscow Club house of lawyers; member of the International Bar of Saint Petersburg; member of editorial board of journal Politics; Achievements: close state control in agriculture; taking the first place in Russia at the croppage; upgrowth of gross output; stability and security in Stavropol Region; Grand PhD thesis. Publications: Grand PhD Chernogorov has presented multiple papers in his area of expertise over 50 quires. Honours and Awards: Champion of Region on all round competitions and pentathlon; Man of Year, Consolidation of Security, 1998; Academician, Academy of Security, defence, law and order; Professor of the WIDU. He is married; His wife, Irina Chernogorova, PhD, Director of Federation of Internet Education; His dotter Ecaterina is a student. He is crazy on the reading and picture taking.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Ildar FATTAKHOV has graduated from the WIDU in 2004. He earned the degree of PhD and the degree of Grand PhD. He is a Full Professor of the WIDU. Grand PhD Fattakhov is the Chairman of the Commission on Sanitary -Ecological Problems of the Republic of Tatarstan. He has the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD), he is a member of the International Informatization Academy (RT). Mr. Ildar Bareevich Fattakhov is the outstanding scientist in the field of regulation of nature management, environment protection and ecological safety. Being a member of the Presidium of Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, he exerts a direct influence on the development of these spheres for the benefit of the Republic. Under the guidance of Mr. Fattakhov the Concept of Regional System of Monitoring and Eco-technologies for improvement of environment and accident-free functioning of industrial projects is developed. Methods of parity of economic and ecological values in the process of continuous control of technological processes and introduction of non-polluting energy-saving technologies are proved. Together with the International Informatization Academy, Mr. Fattakhov put forward the idea to create the united information space on the basis on Baes intellectual technologies. It is a completely new intellectual decision for a wide range of problems of life safety of the society. Practical results of this research allow receiving the information for the effective management functions: – to plan actions to decrease environment pollution and effective use of natural resources, to determine priority activity, to control and estimate the efficiency of environment projects; – to develop effective measures to reduce dangerous influence on the environment and health of people; – to control norms and rules (standards) of quality and way of life of controllable objects. Mr.Fattahov is awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Tatarstan and Order of Friendship.
Boris Vsevolodovich GROMOV
Boris Vsevolodovich Gromov, Norwegian name: Boris Vsevolodovitsj Gromov Born: 1943 November 7 City: Moscow Administrative unit: Saratov Country: Russian Federation Education: Graduate from the Military Academy of Frunze and the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces, named after Voroshilov. Career: 1965- platoon and company commander in the Baltic Military district. Later in Caucasus and Turkestan military districts. 1980-82-served in Afghanistan. 1984-served in the Prikarpat military district. 1987-89-commander of armed forces in Afghanistan. 1989-90- commander of armed forces in the Kiev military district. 1990-91-deputy minister of internal affairs. 1991-first deputy of chief commander of land forces. 1992-deputy minister of defence of the Russian Federation. 1995-transfered to the ministry of foreign affairs after opposing the decision to intervene in Chechnya and criticizing Grachev for not handling the situation. 1995 – elected deputy of the State Duma from the single mandate constituency no.158. Nominated candidate by the electoral bloc “My Fatherland”. 2000 (Jan) Elected Governor of Moscow oblast.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Mayor LUZHKOV has earned the Degree of PhD, Grand PhD and Certificate of Full Professor from the WIDU. Yuri Luzhkov has been the mayor of Moscow since 1992 and is claimed to wield unprecedented power over the capital city’s government. He was born Sep 21, 1936 in Moscow and was educated at the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas. He was a researcher at the Research Institute of Plastic Materials during 1958-64 and as an agrochemist headed the Ministry of Chemical Industry from 1964 to 1987. He joined the Moscow city council as a deputy chairperson in 1987, rising to head chair in 1990 and to the position of vice mayor from 1991 to 1992, when he became the mayor and head of city government. Luzhkov, the son of a carpenter, is a barrel-chested nonsmoking teetotaler. A brash politician informally referred to as the “czar” of Moscow, Luzhkov has widespread contacts with leading bankers, media moguls, and business executives in Moscow and is involved in virtually all big-dollar city contracts, approvals for which usually entail bribes and kickbacks. Luzhkov is a popular mayor with a proven talent for getting things done. He has filled potholes, restored buildings and churches, and is an effective administrator. He has committed $300 million of the city’s depleted coffers to the restoration of a cathedral. He supported Yeltsin during the August 1991 communist coup attempt and during the 1993 uprising at the Russian White House, after which a grateful Yeltsin granted him broad powers outside of federal control that exempted Moscow city from Russia’s privatization program. In mid-1995 Luzhkov was involved in a power struggle with the equally secretive Yeltsin over control of Moscow city government. Yeltsin had peremptorily fired the city prosecutor and chief of police after the gangland killing of a leading newscaster and television executive, Vladislav Listyev, and Luzhkov angrily refused to approve their dismissals, at one point threatening to resign as mayor. He was overwhelmingly reelected mayor in June 1996 elections. And in 1999, he was elected the Mayor of Moscow. In December, 2003 he is again selected the Mayor of Moscow. He is the member of State advice at the President of Russian Federation. The Winner of the state premiums USSR and Russian Federation deserved builder of Russian Federation is awarded by orders of Lenin, Labor Red Banner, ” For merits before Fatherland “, order of Honor, medals ” to the Advocate of free Russia “, ” For strengthening of battle (dashing) commonwealth “, ” In memory 850-????? of Moscow “, ” In memory 300-????? of St.-Petersburg “, three Gratitudes of the President of Russian Federation. He is married, has of four children. Has a fancy football, tennis and beekeeping.
Vladimir RESIN
PhD,Grand PhD,Prof.
Vladimir RESIN has graduated from the WIDU for degrees of PhD and Grand PhD in 2000. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU. Professor Resin was awarded by decoration and bestowed the title of Cavalier of World Order # Science, Education, Culture# in 2005.Vladimir Iosifovich Resin was born on February, 21st, 1936 in Minsk. In 1958 has ended the Moscow College of mines on a specialty economy and the organization of a mining industry. Till 1965 he worked as the construction superintendent and the chief of a site on various constructions of the Soviet Union. In 1975 ten years later and as the chief “GLAVMOCINGCTROI” he has been appointed by the deputy chief, and with 1987 till 1988 he is the chief “Glavmocpromctroi”. With 1989 for 1990 he is the first vice-president, chairman Mosstrojkomitet. With 1990 for 1991 was the vice-president of executive committee Mossovet, chairman of Mosstrojkomitet.He became the assistant to prime-minister, minister of the government of Moscow, the head of a construction and investment complex of city later. Since 1996 he holds a post of the first assistant to prime-minister of the government of Moscow and the head of a complex of perspective development of city, minister of the government of capital. He has printed works. Most important of them: ” Management of a building complex in new economic conditions ” (1994), ” Application of methods of the dynamic system analysis at a choice of strategy of development of building complex ” (1994), ” the Person and city: problems mutual development ” (1995), ” System regulation of development of large city and formation of the ground market ” (1995), ” System regulation of development of large city and formation of the ground market ” (1995). There are scientifically-practical publications Development of the project and construction Western, LICHOBOR , Southern and Cherkiz sewer systems of Moscow “,” Development of the project and construction of house GKNT in a to Moscow “,” Complex development of city territories are most known ” as mass building residential area Krylatskoe “. Vladimir Resin is the academician of the Russian engineering Academy, the full member of the Russian Academy of architecture and building sciences, the academician of many Russian and international academies, the professor of the International university, a member of the Union of architects, editorial boards of magazines ” Industrial construction “, ” Architecture and construction of Moscow “, a member of public advice of the newspaper ” Evening club “, the full member of Academy of Creativity. As the basic hobby in a life considers the work.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
The Supreme Council Chairman of the PMR Grigory MARAKUTSA has graduated from the WIDU in 1999. He has the Degrees of PhD, Grand PhD and Certificate of Full Professor of the WIDU. He is a Cavalier of the World Order .
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.

Victor MIKHAYLOV graduated from the WIDU in 2004. He earned degrees of the PhD and the Grand PhD. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU.V.N. Mikhaylov is the outstanding scientist in the field of nuclear physics, he has offered a new way of measurement of allocation of energy of initial shells, that began one of the basic methods of measurements in tests of underground nuclear explosions.V.N. Mikhaylov is the founder of the school of the physics of explosive nuclear fission and diagnostics of the penetrating radiation of single-pulse processesHe is the author more than 260 scientific works which essentially have enriched the Russian nuclear science. He has trained tens pupils, many of which have successfully protected dissertations.V.N. Mikhaylov is not only an eminent scientist, he is also the statesman. In 1988 he is appointed to the deputy minister of Medium Machine Building of the USSR, in 1990 he is appointed to deputy minister of Ministry for Atomic Energy Industry of the USSR, from 1992-1998 he is Minister of the Russian Federation for Atomic Energy.He actively participates in negotiations about restriction of use of the nuclear weapon.In 1988 acts with the initiative about the termination of nuclear tests on Semipalatinsk nuclear test site with the purpose of improvement of ecological conditions. He carries out a technical management on nuclear test “Kirsazh” at Nevada test site within the framework of joint verification experiments (JVE) between the USA and the USSR. In 1990 – development and signing by the Russian and American parties, in view of results JVE, Reports to the Contract between the USSR and the USA about restriction of underground tests of the nuclear weapon and to the Contract between the USSR and the USA about underground nuclear explosions in the peace purposes. In the autumn of the same year the Congress the USA and a Supreme Soviet of the USSR ratified both Contracts, and on December, 9, 1990 they have come into force.At the beginning of 90th he supervises a conclusion of a nuclear ammunition from territories of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This activity represents V.N.Mihajlov’s powerful contribution to maintenance of a mode of non-distribution, strengthening of the international safety and stability.

In 1992 he was elected vice-president of the International academy of informatisation, a member of the Russian academy of rocket – artillery sciences, the International electrotechnical academy.

In 1995-1998 he is a member of Security Council of Russia.

In 1997 he was elected the full member of the Russian academy of sciences.

From 1992 V.N.Mihajlov is the scientific leader of the Federal Nuclear Center of All-Russia Research Institute of Experimental Physics.

From 1999 to the present – Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Institute of Strategic Stability” of the Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation.

V.N.Mihajlov is winner of the Lenin and State prizes of the USSR and Russian Federation, he has a lot of Russian and International awards.

Now V.N.Mihajlov takes part in development and the decision of scientific, technical and organizational problems in branch and the state, being a member of special advisory council VAK, the vice-president of section of Committee under the State premiums, a member of Presidium of the Commission under the State premiums of the Russian Federation in the field of a science and technics, a member of the incorporated scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Science.

Saparmurat NIYAZOV
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Honourable Prof. Dr. Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan) The President of the Turkmenistan Cavalier and Commander, PhD, Grand PhD, Professor. He was first among the Presidents of the countries and state chiefs, awarded with Cavalier and Commander Sign of the International Order “Science. Education. Culture”. Saparmurat Niyazov – outstanding state figure, scientific with the worldknown name which has developed and successfully realizing Theory constant Non-interference of the Turkmenistan, that is a large international strategic step in creation of bases for wide political trade-economic and cultural dialogue between the countries. He is the honourable doctor and professor of many international universities and academies.
Zyavdat Mirgazyamovich SALIKHOV
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.

Salikhov Zyavdat Mirgazyamovich – Chief of President Management Administration.He has received the Degrees of PhD,Grand PhD and Certificate of Full Professor from the World Information Distributed University in 2005.State awards: “Honoured jurist of Republic of Tatarstan”; has 11 medals: “For merits before Motherland”, “For merit in service”, “For distinction in service” etc., Honoured member of Ministry of Interior Affairs, awarded with commemorative gun from Minister of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation.He was elected Council of Directors Chairman of JSC “Tatkhimfarmpreparaty”.Last papers published:- Responsibility aggravating and guilt mitigating circumstances as punishment individualisation criteria- Individualisation of assignment of punishment: concept, essence and its limits- Forms of individualisation of the punishment assignment according to criminal law of Russian Federation

Main fields:

Jurisprudence; Criminal law; Security service; Sport, in particular sprint.

Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Rais SHAIKHELISLAMOV has graduated from the WIDU in 2004. He earned the degree of PhD and the degree of Grand PhD. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU. Mr. Shaikhelislamov is the Minister of Education and Science of Tatarstan Republic.Shaikhelislamov Rais Falihovich was born on October, 24, 1951 in Tatar ASSR. He has graduated from the Elabug State Pedagogical Institute and the Kazan State University, on a specialty – the mathematics teacher and physics, the economist – manager. He is the Russian professor and the doctor of economic sciences, the candidate of pedagogical sciences (PhD). His labor activity began from the ending of Elabug State Pedagogical Institute by the teacher of high school in Naberezhnye Chelny. After service in army with 1976 for 1986 he was the Director of Shilnebashevsk School and the Director of Betykino high school of Tukaevsk area of Tatar ASSR With 1988 for 1992 after the ending of internal postgraduate study of the Kazan State Pedagogical Institute he worked as a teacher of Naberezhnochelninsk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1992-1997 he was the head of Department of Education of Administration of Naberezhnye Chelny. Since 1997 he was the director of Naberezhnochelninsk branch of the Kazan State University. Since August 2004 he is the Minister of Education and Science of Tatarstan Republic.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
M.S. SHAIMIEV, PhD, Grand PhD, Full Prof. President of the Republic of Tatarstan SHAIMIEV Mintimer has earned the Degree of PhD, Grand PhD and Certificate of Full Professor from the WIDU. He was born on January 20, 1937, in the village of Anyakovo of the Aktanysh region in the family of peasants. The years of his childhood coincided with hard time of the World War II and the post-war years. He demonstrated the leader’s qualities already at that time. He was a class monitor during all school years. In 1954, he left school and entered the department of mechanization of the Kazan Institute of Agriculture. As a student, he was a combine operator in the Pavlodar region during the harvesting. After graduating from the Institute in 1959, he was first an engineer and then a chief engineer of the Muslyumovsk repair and service station. In the age of 25 he was appointed manager of the Menzelinsk regional branch of “Selkhoztekhnika”. In 1967, he started administrative career first as an instructor and then as a deputy head of the department of agriculture of Tatar Oblast Committee of the CPSU. In 1969, Mintimer Shaimiev was appointed Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources of Tatarstan. It was the time of active irrigation works in the republic, expansion of culturally irrigated pastures and increase of a number of vegetable-growing farms with artificial irrigation. In 1983, M.Shaimiev became First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and later worked as the Secretary of Tatar Oblast Committee of the CPSU for two years. He met the period of deep changes in the society in 1985, being one of the republican leaders: from 1985 he worked as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and in 1989 – First Secretary of Tatarstan Oblast Committee of the CPSU. In 1990, M.Shaimiev was elected the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. That was the turning point in relations with the Federal Center – the year when the Supreme Soviet adopted the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Republic of Tatarstan. The new status of the republic called for creation of a new institute of Presidency. Thus, in 1991, Mintimer Shaimiev was elected first President of the Republic of Tatarstan as a result of free alternative elections.The multinational people of Tatarstan highly appreciated the efforts of the first President aimed at strengthening peace and unity in the republic and solving complicated socio-economic problems. He was re-elected President of the Republic of Tatarstan twice (on March 24, 1996 and March 25, 2001). In 1994-2001, Mintimer Shaimiev was a member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Co-chairman of the Higer Council of the “United Russia” party. Mintimer Shaimiev is a member of the RF State Council (member of Presidium of the RF State Council from September 2000 till March 2001); an honorary member of Presidium of the International Parliament of the World Confederation of Knights operating under the auspices of UN; an Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation; the Honorary Academician of the International Informatization Academy; an Honorary Professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations under MFA RF; a laureate of the International Prize of the Tatar people named after Kul Gali; a laureate of the Prize of Union of journalists of the Russian Federation “For the openness in communication with the Press”; a laureate of the national “Silver Archer” prize in the field of developing links with the public, established by Union of journalists, RF Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Russian Association for public relations; a laureate of the national theatre “Golden Mask” prize of RF in the nomination “For support to theatre art of Russia” in 1997-98. In 1998, International Biographical Center of Cambridge (England) awarded Mintimer Shaimiev with the title of “International Man of the Year 1997/98”. In June 2001, UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura awarded Mintimer Shaimiev with a silver Avitsenna medal for great contribution in preservation of cultural and historic values. State awards: Order of Lenin (1966) Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1971) Order of October Revolution (1976) Order of Friendship of Peoples (1987) Order “For Services to the Fatherland” of the II grade (1997) medals Diploma of the Government of the Russian Federation (1997).
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Jury SKACHCOV graduated from the WIDU in 2004. He received the degree of PhD and the degree of Grand PhD. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU.Skachcov Jury Petrovich was born on December, 9, 1958 in Penza. After the ending with distinction the Penza engineering – building institute he worked as the engineer of scientifically – research sector of this institute and studied in postgraduate study of V.A.Kucherenko Central scientifically – research institute of building designs. The scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences is awarded to him in 1988. The academic status of the senior lecturer is given to him in 1993. The scientific degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences is awarded to him in 2002. The academic status of the professor is given to him in 2003.His experience of scientifically – pedagogical work makes more than 20 years, including in higher educational institutions more than 17 years. He worked in posts: the senior teacher, the senior lecturer, the professor, the pro-rector on the study, managing the faculty, the first pro-rector. It is prepared five candidates of sciences by him, now he carries out a manual of two post-graduate students. He has 116 publications, from them 31-educational- methodical character, 83 scientific works, 2 patents, 8 manuals, 4 of which are recommended by the Ministry Educations of the Russian Federation and are published as manuals for students of high schools. At his direct participation the institute became the State Architecturally – Building Academy, and then the State University of Architecture and Construction. It is one of the most versatile educational institutions of the Penza area equipped with the modern equipment, office and computer techniques, in it are open new directions and specialties, the partnership with the enterprises and the organizations, state and municipal authorities is organized.He is « The honorable worker of the supreme vocational training of the Russian Federation » and he is awarded with the Gold medal of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Moscow). He is the full member of the International academy of informatization and Academy of informatization of educations.Since July, 2003 he is appointed by the Minister of Education and sciences of the Penza area.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
President Smirnov has graduated from the WIDU.He has Degrrees of PhD, Grand PhD and Certificate of Full Professor from the WIDU. He is a Cavalier of the World Order of Science,Education,Culture. Igor Smirnov was born on the 23-d of October, 1941, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the family of officials. (His father- N.S. Smirnov- the honoured schoolteacher of Russia , the director of school and the head of City Board of Education in Zlatoust. His mother- Z.G. Smirnova (maiden name – Chelpanova ) was born in Satka, worked in the mass media as the editor of the factory newspaper ” The builder “, she was also the director of Young Pioneers’ Palace). After leaving vocational school Igor Smirnov worked at the metallurgical plant in Zlatoust. From 1959 till 1987 he toiled at the electro machine-building factory in Novaya Kahovka. He worked as a welder, a planer, a grinder, a turner, the head of the blacksmith’s department, the head of electric motors department, the deputy chief engineer in technical re-equipment and inculcation of new techniques; the deputy director of production. In 1974 he graduated from the machine-building institute in Zaporozhye without giving up his work. Igor Smirnov has been living in Tiraspol since November, 1987. From 1987 till 1990 he was the director of the electro machine-building plant ” Electromash”. From August till September, 1989 Igor Smirnov participated actively in the political strike against coming nationalism in Moldavia. In February, 1990 he was elected deputy of Soviet of People’ Deputies of Tiraspol and deputy of MSSR (Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic). Together with the group of People’s Deputies from Pridnestrovie he tried to prevent the conversion of Moldavia into mononational state, using parliamentary methods. He left the Moldavian parliament to signify his protest against ignoring of pridnestrovian people’s opinion. In April, 1990, Igor Smirnov was elected Chairman of Soviet of People’s Deputies of Tiraspol and led the actions for protection of human and civil rights, for consolidation of pridnestrovian people in their aspiration for free life in their own land. In June of the same year Igor Smirnov was elected Chairman of the Coordinating Council of economic and social development of the region. Then he was elected Chairman of the Provisional Supreme Soviet of the pridnestrovian republic at the second congress of people’s deputies where the formation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian republic was proclaimed. After elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Pridnestrovian republic he became its Chairman and later-Chairman of the republic. In 1991, 1996, 2000, three times, Igor Smirnov was elected the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian republic by pridnestrovian people. In December, 2001, 62,9 per cent of the total number of population, eligible to vote, took part in elections; the majority (81,8 per cent) voted for Igor Smirnov. It shows that pridnestrovian people have much confidence in their president. Being the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the pridnestrovian army he headed the defence of Pridnestrovie during the act of open aggression of the Republic of Moldova which caused numerous victims. Igor Smirnov is Doctor of economics(eqv.Grand PhD), the Professor and Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, the Member of the Ukrainian Academy of economic cybernetics. He was awarded the Cross of the first degree “For service to the Fatherland” by the Russian Academy of Natural Science. Igor Smirnov has some published works. He is the author of the book which is called “To live in our land”. It gained the international literary prize named after Sholohov in 2001. Igor Smirnov gained government awards of the USSR, the highest rewards of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian republic- “The Order of the Republic”, “The Order of personal courage”. He was also awarded several Orders by the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church for taking an active part in consolidation of the Orthodoxy. Igor Smirnov is married.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Sergo Yeritsyan graduated from the WIDU in 2005. He received the degree of PhD and the degree of Grand PhD. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU. Born on 11 June 1957 in Chichkan village of Lori Marz, Republic of Armenia. Academic and perofessional background: Philological Department of Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia, 1975-78; Journalism Department of Moscow State University after M. Lomonosov, Republic of Armenia, 1978-81; Post-Graduate Fellow at Moscow State University after M. Lomonosov, Republic of Armenia, 1984-1987. Main Fields: Education: Youth Affairs; Journalism. Career: Present Positions: 2003, Minister of Education and Science of the RoA, 1999-2003, Member of RoA National Assembly, Member of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for Science, Education and Youth Affairs; 1995-1999, Member of the RoA National Assembly, RoA; 1992-1999, Deputy Director, later Director of Public Opinion Research Center, RoA; 1987-1992, Special correspondent in social research division of the office of the editor-in-chief for studies into letters and the efficiency of television and radio programs, and division head in the State Television and Radio Committee, RoA; 1981-1992, Editor with the office of the editor-in-chief for propaganda in State Television and Radio Committee, RoA; 1974-1975, Worker in Chochkan Sovkhoz of Tumanyan Region, First Secretary of the Young Communist Union (LKEM), RoA. Memberships: Party Membership in Country of Law (Orinatz Yerkir) Party. Achievements: Doctor of Philological Science, Assistant Professor. Publications: Dr. Yeritzyan is author of great number of article and books, as well as author of documental films among which are the following: The Television Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1986; Monograph Thoughts out of Picture 2002; The Secret of the Television, 2000; The Characteristics, Opportunities and Ways of Expression of the Television, 2004; The Creation, Development and the Tendencies, 2004; The RoA Television Genres Modern Manifestations, 2004; the Public Opinion as Guarantor of Democracy, 2004.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof.
Alexander ZVYAGINTSEV has graduated from the WIDU for degrees of the PhD and the Grand PhD. He is the Full Professor of the WIDU. Prof. Zvyagintsev is the Deputy General Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation since 2000. He is the state adviser of Justice of first class. He was born in 1948, on Ukraine. Professional career: after end of service in army in 1970 on investigatory and public prosecutor’s work in bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine where occupied various posts, including: with 1981 on 1986 – the head of department, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Ukraine; with 1986 on 1992 – the deputy chief of a department of propagation and ordering of the Soviet legislation, the deputy chief of organizational – control management, the chief of the center of the information and public relations and the senior assistant to the General public prosecutor of the USSR; with 1992 on 2000 – the senior assistant to the General public prosecutor of Russia and the chief of the center of the information and public relations; with 2000 on 2003 – the assistant to the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Privolzhsk federal district; since January, 2003 on present time – the Deputy General Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. He is the author of the tetralogy about heads of Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Empire, Soviet Union and the Russian Federation in structure “Eye of Czar. XVIII century “(1994),” Privy councilors of Empire, XIX century “(1995),” Under the canopy of Russian eagle, Second half XIX – the beginning of XX century ” (1996), ” During an epoch of shocks and reforms 1906-1917″(1996), “the Russian and Soviet public prosecutors, XX century. 1922-1936 “(1998), “Sentenced by time; The Russian and Soviet public prosecutors. XX century 1937-1953 ” (2001) .He is awarded the Certificate of honor of the President of the Russian Federation “, six state awards, including ” For merits before Fatherland ” III degrees, medals and awards of various departments, the public and scientific Russian organizations, and also foreign countries, awards of Russian orthodox church, award with a rank ” the Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation ” and marks ” the Honorable worker of Office of Public Prosecutor ” Russia and Ukraine. He is an academician of the IIA.
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Full Prof., Academician
YULIY VORONTSOV the Special Representativ of the General Secretary of the United Nations; President of the International World Academy Cavalier of the International Order “Science. Education. Culture”, PhD, Grand PhD, Professor. He is outstanding person, striking representative of the soviet and international classical school of diplomacy. Hi is a diplomat and a statesman. Yuliy Vorontsov worked in many countries as ambassador, and relations with these countries were of great importance not only for the foreign policy of our country but the world policy at all. Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan appointed Yuliy Vorontsov as the special envoy on international conflicts in February 1999 and as the special representative of the UN Secretary-General on question of the Commonwealth of Independed States at deputy of the UN Secretary-General level. Professor Vorontsov is the author of many scientific articles and monographs in the field of questions of foreign relations, reltions between countries, different aspects and niceties of diplomatic work. Sandy Berger an assistant on the U.S.President on national security questions called him “probably the most authoritative and respected ambassador in Washington. He has better known our country and has won many friends here in the years of his work in the USA. At the same time, he is brilliant professional, who defended his country’s interests very well”.
Joseph Verner REED
Ph.D., Full Prof.
Joseph Verner REED has graduated from the WIDU in 1999. He received the degree of Ph.D in Global Problems. He has the Certificate of Full Professor of the WIDU. Professor Reed is the Under Secretary General of the United Nations. Joseph Verner Reed was born in New York City and is a graduate of Yale University, Class of 1961.Following his university studies, he joined the World Bank as Private Secretary to the President. From 1963 to 1981 he was Vice President and Assistant to the Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Mr. David Rockefeller.Mr. Reed was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as Ambassador of the United States of America to the Kingdom of Morocco in 1981 and in 1985 as the Representative of the United States to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations as Deputy Permanent Representative at the United States Mission. In 1987, he was appointed Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political and General Assembly Affairs. In early 1989, President George Bush appointed Ambassador Reed the Chief of Protocol of the United States of America, where he served until late 1991. In 1992, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, appointed Ambassador Reed Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Representative for Public Affairs, concluding his assignment in February 1997. In June 1997, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi A. Annan, re-appointed Ambassador Reed as Under-Secretary-General and President of the Staff-Management Coordination Committee, the highest internal body of the World Organization. Staff-Management Coordination Committee S-2494 United Nations New York 10017
PhD, Prof.
Victor Cherepkov has graduated from the WIDU for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). He is the Full Professor of WIDU. Mr. Cherepkov is a Party Leader of Political Party * FREDOM and PEOPLE’S POWER*Born in 1942. His labor activity began at the age of 10. He took part in constructing Bratskaya hydro electric power station, Kazakhstan “Magnitka” (Magnitogorsky Metallurgical Plant). After of military service, he was commissioned an officer, trained atomic submarine staff. He was a student at two faculties of the Tikhookeansky Makarov Higher Naval School at once and took an external degree in 2.5 years. He was Fleet Best Rationalizator and Best Officer, head of division at a military research institute. He is a Reserve captain, Honored Rationalizator of the RSFSR, Inventor of the USSR, Laureate of scientific and technical work, awarded to the title and diploma “Master Golden hands”, the title “Distinguished Inventor and Rationalizator”. He has Government Awards, named “Person of the Year” in Primorski Krai in 1994.he is a Coordinator in Far East Region and a Leader in Primorski Krai of the movement “Union of people’s power and labor». He established an “Own fund of help to the poor” in 1959, since then has been transferring 25% of the salary, all prizes and honoraria to this fund.He was elected as a President of the All-Russia Union of Defenders of Human Rights in 1995. He was a Deputy of Primorski Krai Soviet in 1990 – 1993. He won Vladivostok Mayor Elections in always struggled against corruption, unlawful actions, abuse of power by local government and law-enforcement authorities. Fulminated against bombardment of the Russia’s Parliament Building in October 1993, V.I.Cherepkov was arrested at his office on February 12, 1994 on a false accusation. General Prosecutor’s Office uncovered the fabrication and pronounced sentence “not guilty” in November 1994. Chief of Internal Affairs Board and Tax Police General of Vladivostok found themselves in the dock instead for the fabricated criminal case. At the same time another false case was fabricated against the only 19-year-old son Vladimir who was kept in prison for almost three years and acquitted of all charges in 1999. His wife’s health was hard hit by these hardships. Vladivostok Mayor term of office ended in 1998. He was elected as a Deputy Vladivostok City Duma, then he was unanimously elected as a Duma Chairman in 1999. He won elections to the RF State Duma in Vladivostok electoral district in 2000.A Duma deputy since 2000, Mr. Cherepkov is presently a member of the Committee on National Security. Between 1992 and 1998, Mr. Cherepkov was twice appointed to the post of Vladivostok city Mayor with from 1992 to 1994 and then from 1996 to 1998. In 1995, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Federal-Democratic Movement, President of the All-Russian Union of Attorneys and ran unsuccessfully for the State Duma deputy of the second convocation. Mr. Cherepkov began his political career in 1990, when he was elected to the Primorsk regional Council. Previously, he served in the military National Research Institute. Viktor Cherepkov graduated from the Pacific Military-Marine Academy. Now he is the Political Leader of Political Party * FREDOM and PEOPLE’S POWER* The program of his party proclaims the manifest value the person – the citizen of Russia, its right and freedom. The family of the citizen is a basis of the Russian society. Only the family can provide communication and continuity of generations, to bring up love to the Native land and respect for the state. The Russian family is, in his understanding, first of all the prosperous house costing on own ground where under one roof there lives the worthy and provided old age, a high-grade and dear maturity, the happy and carefree childhood. Only the person, who has such house, can feel the free and full citizen of Russia, consider the state as the Russian Native land, realize the duty of protection of this state with the weapon in hands, honesty and effectively work, with confidence look in the future and the future of the children. People of Russia is rich on talents and has all necessary for self-organizing worthy the free person of a life: the most extensive territory, the fertile soils rich with mineral and organic raw material bowels, wood, water and other resources In the Program of a party the main part – the person, and the main value – intelligence of the nation. Mr.Cherepkov has published many papers and three monographs.

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