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World Distributed University (WDU)

Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof.
Winner of the Lenin prize (N2)

The President of the European Academy of Informatization,
The President of the International Informatization Center,
The President of the World Information Distributed University and
World Distributed University,
The Vice-President of the International Informatization Academy,
The President of the Academic Council of the Newport University CED, Latvia
The Grand Master of the World Order “Science. Education. Culture”


The World Distributed University (WDU) is a functional university of the International Informatization Academy (IIA) in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the UN created in 1997-1998, the university carries out preparation of M.S. (Master of Science) on global problems. This university also has the distributed structure. Basically it is expedient to have in each country national WDU with inclusion of such universities as branches in the World Distributed University.

Now there are such universities to Russia, the USA, Spain. University WDU-Russia grandee the doctor of philosophy, the professor, ???????? heads scientific world renowned Awards ” the Science. Formation. The culture ” Kostin of A.L.simultaneously it is the general director ????????????????? the “Prospect”, one of the leading organizations in development and manufacture of means of maintenance of educational process for the maximum and average educational institutions of Russia. The combination in one person of abilities to supervise over the large enterprise and leading university in the field of global problems, it has appeared useful to preparation M.S. And doctors of philosophy with possible use of the intellectual credit. Actually WDU – under a scientific management of professor Kostina A.L. can conduct preparation of highly skilled experts in the field of global problems on a charitable basis.

The university tries to solve also a problem of a recognition of diplomas and certificates of type M.S.

C this purpose president WDU-?????? Kostin A.L. has addressed with the offer to rectors of universities of Russia to prepare for experts on a concrete speciality with delivery of the state diploma and simultaneously to carry out preparation of experts on global problems with delivery of diploma WDU.

Thus the opportunity of creation is supposed at each university of branch WDU-Russia. Branch WDU-Russia is allocated with all necessary powers for preparation and certification of experts in the field of global problems.

The IIA has transferred the WDU to World Information Distributed University (WIDU) in 1999, to award all the higher educational degrees including scientific degrees and ranks, International PhD and Grand PhD.

Newport University – World Distributed University (NU-WDU)

Representation in Latvia:

2C Aizupes street,Rîga, Latvia
LV-1004, European Union

Representation in Bangladesh:

Nurun Nahar Plaza (5th Floor)
152/2-N, Green Road,
Panthapath Dhaka- 1205
Phone: +88029137164
Cell: +8801847003875

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