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European Academy of Sciences (EAS)

The European Academy of sciences (EAS) is created with the purpose of the decision of following problems:

  • Carrying out fundamental and applied researches in the field of information;
  • Studying of the latent opportunities of the person;
  • Carrying out of researches in the field of search of nonconventional energy sources;
  • Carrying out of researches and development of “know-how” of mineral resources;
  • Research of processes and information technologies;
  • Carrying out of researches and the analysis in the field of culture, formations, sports and all other lawful methods of self-improvement of opportunities of a human body;
  • Carrying out of comparative researches in the field of the civil legislation; research sociopolitical, social and economic and environmental problems of development of individuals, social groups, cities, religions, the countries, a planet and the Universe;
  • Researches of methods in the field of the finance, the credit and statistics;
  • Researches in the field of a telecommunications, in sphere of automation and methods of protection of the information;
  • Studying and development of an information field of researches and assistance to creation of uniform information-cellular community;
  • Creation of the world-wide-distributed system of an artificial intellect for support of communications; rendering of information and information services to the population, the enterprises and the organizations; and also development of economic structures of the world community;
  • Research of the theory and methods of information modelling in various spheres of human activity;
  • Research of a level of information of all spheres of human activity and corresponding areas of economic activities;
  • Research of methods of the forecast and the general orientation of development of the world community;
  • Participation in preparation of scientific experts and experts, increase of a professional level of experts;
  • The publication and distribution of the special literature, the edition of newspapers, magazines and other materials.

The European Academy of sciences includes: the exact sciences, the social studies, natural sciences, a science information.

Members of Academy can have or not have the Belgian citizenship; to be science officers, experts or to be engaged in development in industrial sphere, in sphere of an agriculture, to work in administration of the government, in sphere of policy; to accept active participation in development of information attitudes, the organizations and increase in quality of an information exchange, creation of modern information technologies and products, to promote increase in a level of information culture of the world community.

Members of Academy can be academicians (full members) or colleagues of academicians (the connected members), they are selected at Conference of Academy on representation of full members.

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