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The Establishment of Approved Support Center (ASC)

The Distributed Learning courses of Newport University has been created by following the system founded by the Russian scientist Evreinov E.V. in 1954, the principle of the distributed processing of the information in various structures and the environments. This structure is the distributed learning equivalent of the highly successful, full-time courses, which has been offered by the university since its establishment in 2008. These courses are now being delivered in centers throughout the world.

The Newport University embarked upon a project to produce a set of manuals which would make it possible to offer its courses through Approved Support Center’s (ASC’s) around the world. The manuals contain all of the material required (subject content, learning objectives, worked examples and sample examinations) to prepare students for online examinations leading to the award of the degrees the establishment of an approved support center to co-ordinate the activities of the students significantly enhances the quality of the learning experience for the student.

Approved Support Centers are not authorized to confer Newport University’s degrees/transcripts to students. Degrees conferral and transcripts are handled directly by the University.

The Newport University is keen to establish Approved Support Centers around the world. Such centers provide students with an opportunity to study for the degrees offered by the university in their own country. The establishment of these centers also provides the institute with the opportunity to extend its network of educational partnerships throughout the world.

When the centers are being established the level of support provided by the Institute will depend upon variables, such as the technical and educational experiences of staff currently employed by the center and the infrastructure already in place. However, during the establishment of the center, the Newport University will provide support on issues, such as the recruitment and training of appropriate staff, management structure for the center and IT infrastructure requirements for on-line examinations according to the Quality Assurance Services unit of the university to comply with the standards set on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


  • China represents potential business opportunities with its strong, inexpensive labor force and expanding economy.
  • India is the leading country where IT and programming solutions have been outsourced.
  • Viet Nam became the World Trade Organization’s member on 11 January 2007. As the world progresses towards a global business environment, the demand for quality business training with an international perspective increases. NU is here to facilitate this with the help of its ASC.


The NU ASC program has several goals. Primarily, the program has been developed to ensure that students have access to a quality American business and engineering technology education, regardless of location, cultural, or socio-economic barriers. Other goals include
expanding business partner bonds with companies and organizations that recognize the value of an European-American business education. NU achieves this goal by building strategic partnerships with companies, organizations, and other institutions of higher learning with access to qualified students. NU enjoys bilateral cooperation with ASC on joint international projects around the world.


NU welcomes all eligible candidates to become an ASC to promote excellence through education. To ensure that ASC conduct NU’s educational affairs ethically and responsibly, NU requires that ASC meet the following criteria:

  • Possess the appropriate state and local licenses to be legally authorized to provide educational services.
  • Provost must possess the appropriate academic credentials, preferably a terminal degree. This confirms the provost has an understanding of higher education and conveys the appropriate professional image, befitting of an officer of NU.
  • Embody at least 5 years of higher educational administrative experience. This ensures appropriate experience in marketing/ recruitment, instruction/academic support, and student support/grievances.
  • Ensure that all employees of the ASC, conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the obligation to serve as models of personal and professional integrity.


Companies, organizations, and other institutions of higher learning that participate in the NU ASC program will have access to the following benefits:

  • Your students take courses developed by our faculty through NU Online. NU uses a cost effective Learning Management System (LMS) which allows NU to pass the savings on to our students. 24 hour access to the LMS allows for access anytime through an internet connection. Conveniently study from home, in the evenings, or weekends.
  • NU provides academic support with our European-American professors who shall facilitate the courses through NU Online. Your Center’s local professors provide on ground support in the areas of face-to-face instruction, tutoring, or translations if needed. Your students get the best of both exposures.
  • NU’s Office of Academics will provide your faculty with all course materials, notes, power point presentations, etc resources, such as curriculum customization, textbook recommendations, and course materials are available Marketing materials, including mailers, internet links, displays and other collateral materials inform
    your students about our degree programs. Customized artwork is also available.
  • The flexible partnership understands the different needs of different markets. NU takes into account market demand, cultural diversity, and your country’s economy.


  1. Application: Complete the ASC application on the computer. Make sure that all areas are completed thoroughly, so that we may fairly assess your institution.
  2. Attachments: Submit all requested documentation. Digital format is required to increase efficiency. Scanned/e-mailed copies are ok.
  3. Evaluation: After receipt of application & all submitted supporting documents, an investigation will be conducted on the prospective ASC. This will ensure that valid, quality institutions are accepted as an ASC.
  4. Deposit: Once approved, a deposit shall be wired to NU bank. This ensures that the ASC is committed towards the partnership and the quality assurance system of the university. Deposit shall be credited towards the account of ASC. This deposit will be retained to cover the initial administrative expenses of set-up, marketing materials, etc.

Interested institutions around the world, who would like to be a ‘Approved Support Center’ to run the courses of Newport University, please Contact

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