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International Informatization Academy (IIA)

Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof.
Winner of the Lenin prize (N2)

The President of the European Academy of Informatization,
The President of the International Informatization Center,
The President of the World Information Distributed University and
World Distributed University,
The Vice-President of the International Informatization Academy,
The President of the Academic Council of the Newport University CED, Latvia,
The Grand Master of the World Order “Science. Education. Culture”


International Informatization Academy (I.I.A.) was founded in 1990 as an independent, voluntary, scientific and self-governing organization of intellectuals comprising well known scientists, reputed professionals, outstanding statesmen and public figures, famous writers, artists and others.

This is a Unique Academy that enjoys the membership of the United Nations and has its branch “Informatization and United Nations” at the UN’s Headquarters in New York.

Since 1995 the I.I.A. has the General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN. There are only 131 organizations in the world who have the same Status, such as: International Chamber of Commerce, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, International Women Council, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Organization of Standardization and International Organization of Employees.

This Status is based on Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations and on ECOSOC adopted in 1996.

The General Consultative Status enables the IIA to contribute to the work programs and goals of the United Nations by serving as a technical expert, advisor and consultant to Governments and Secretariat.

In concrete terms the IIA is entailed to participate in the ECOSOC
and its various subsidiary bodies.

The IIA activities as described in the following pages, are in direct relevance to the aims and purposes of the United Nations perspectives. Those activities are of recognized standing among governments and nations.

When fulfilling its statutory functions in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the United Nations, UNESCO and other international organizations, the Academy acts in accordance with the Constitution of the states where the Academy’s affiliations are in operation. The Academy also operates within the framework of international treaties and its statute. The Academy operates in the fields of information, knowledge and consensus needed to solve problems of ecology, cities, economy, status of women, standardization, establish information and communication infrastructures, ensure international collaboration and shape the global culture of development.


  • USA


One of the most important goals of the Academy is to set-up and establish its branches in all countries of the world.

These branches have to become independent research organizations formed from the elite of society with the legal status defined by the laws of the host country.

The branches, in respect to information, enjoy equal rights. In fact they are independent Academies interacting on horizontal levels.

A combination of branches form a honeycomb structure operating without a dominating role of control authorities.

The Academy organizes and conducts its activity observing the principle of a free will, equal rights of all its members, on the basis of decentralization and distributed information honeycomb self government with concession of complete juridical independence to its departments and structural subdivisions.

The Academy remunerates for services before it with Diplomas, Honorable Diplomas, International Prizes, Golden Medals “For outstanding services in the field of informatization, of world community”.

It also confers the following academic degrees and titles:

  • Master of Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Science
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Public Administration
  • Full Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor.

The Academy introduces outstanding achievements in the field of implementing ideas and practical elaboration in technical, educational, political and other social activities, the following academic degrees:

  • Grand Doctor in accordance with the Academy’s Regulations on conferring academic degrees;

Prima doctor on specialization, stipulated by the Anglo-American educational system traditionally acknowledged by the world community.

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APRIL 1997 / Volume 18, No 3
The UN and the International lnformatization Academy / 40

The IIF-96 was devoted to the 850th Anniversary of the founding of Moscow and was held under the auspices of the UN Economic Commission for Europe at the Academy’s Headquarters in Geneva, Moscow, New York, Montreal, St. Petersburg. The IIF-96 was inaugurated by Academician Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. The Academy has instituted the Medal in honour of the United Nations the research carried out at the Academy is the fundamental and applied studies in the interests of the UN, the ECOSOC and 1st and 2nd category organisations in the ECOSOC list.

IIA has Headquarters in Moscow, St Petersburg, Geneva, New York, Washington, Montreal, and other cities.

As a public institution, the main goal’ the Academy is the solution of fundamental and applied problems of information, development of innovative information technologies, design of global data-processing systems and the application of theoretical results in all fields of human activity. A large part of includes distinguished scholars, prominent statesmen and public figures and representatives of business circles, all of whom are particularly noted for their altruistic contributions to science.

The International Informatization Academy (IIA) is a social scientific NGO with Consultative Status (Category I) with the UN Economic and Social Council. At present the Academy groups more than 400 functional and regional departments and chapters in many countries around the World. The IIA’s membership comprises the elite among those involved in building the Information Society.

There is a special Department of the Academy «Informatization and the United Nations”. Recently the UN Secretary General Mr. Kofi  Annan and the UN Under-Secretary General, Mr. Jin were elected as Academicians.

The Academy has a programme devoted to preparing the UN Secretariat and concerned staff-members for Doctor of Philosophy and relevant scientific degrees. It is noted that this programme will involve no financial implications for the UN or its members. Among academic degrees, the IIA offer PhDs and Grand PhDs in all fields.

The Grand PhD. thesis involves extensive, in-depth research and an original approach to the solution of global problems. In order to obtain a Grand Ph.D., the candidate must have solved a complex problem of importance to the World Community, have written one hundred scientific papers, two or three monographs, and have participated in the preparation of five to ten PhD.

The title of professor was conferred on Academician Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. Academicians N. Korovjakov, A. Vartanian (Canada) were awarded a PhD at the IIA Faculty in Montreal, and Academician M. Kalashnikov was awarded a Grand PhD Academician Pekka Tarjanne, Secretary General of ITU was awarded the title of Professor.

At the beginning of 1996, Academician Boutros Boutros-Ghali was awarded the Grand PhD for his research on problems of sustainable human development.

At the beginning of 1997, UN’s Under-Secretary General V. Petrovsky,  Russian Minister Academician O. Davydov,  Vice- Presidents IIAV. Astaphev, V. Ziokazov, V. Shinkarenko, and A. Tikhomirov were awarded the Grand PhD and the title of Professor. The IIA President, Prof., Academician I. Yuzvishin and First vice-president, Prof., Academician E. Evreinov were awarded the Grand PhD in the Informatization field. Their research covers fundamentals of the new science, the creation of the United World Information Honeycomb Community.

The IIA has its own Graduate Schools and faculties in New York, Montreal, Moscow, Brussels, and Geneva.

At the beginning of 1997, Academicians Joseph Verner Reed, UN Under-Secretary General (USA), Ji Chaozhu, former UN Under-Secretary General (China), O. Lesnik (Russia) were awarded a PhD at the regional faculty IIA in New York.
Prize in honour of the United Nations as a prize is for the best essay on the UN activities, as well as, the International Prize in honour of the UN among the children and the Medals in honour of Academicians Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Y.  Khariton,  E.Evreinov. The first Prizes and Medals were conferred upon outstanding Academicians, talented young people and gifted children by the International commission under the patronage of Academician awarded for an outstanding personal contributor to the Informatization of the World Community.

In 1996 such a medal was awarded to academician, Prof. M. Shaimiev, PhD.

Recently H.E. Mr. S. Krylov, Permanent Representative of the Federation of Russia to the United Nations in Geneva and Councillor Mr. V. Rounov, were elected as members of the IIA. On the eve of the 21 st century, and in a continually growing complex of social, economic political and international factors, the IIA Presidium invites leaders of organisations of the UN family as well as scientists, experts for active participation in the Academy’s activities to contribute to the construction of a better world.

Geneva department
APRIL 1997

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