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European Association of Universities and the Higher schools (EAUHS)

The European Association of Universities and the Higher schools (EAUHS) Is founded for creation and development of system of the international formation on the basis of use of the most perspective development of the European, Russian and American education systems and for development of programs of preparation of experts of the top skills (Ph. D. And Grand Ph. D.).

EAUHS – large noncommercial association in educational sphere. Members of Association on a voluntary basis are higher educational institutions of the countries of the European commonwealth, including Russia, and also the organizations and the associations dividing it the primary goals and promoting their realization during a life.

The basic purposes and problems of Association are:

All-round assistance to development and realization of potential of higher educational institutions, association of their efforts for achievement by the Russian higher school of qualitatively new level with use of world experience and opportunities of the international cooperation;

Association of efforts in the decision of economic, social and organizational problems of the higher school;

The organization legal and social protection of interests of higher educational institutions;

Establishment and development of communications with associations, the unions, funds and other associations of foreign countries, assistance of the organization of a mutual exchange by experts, trainees, post-graduate students and students, and also ideas and operational experience on perfection of higher education and scientific activity;

Rendering to members of Association of information, legal, polygraphic and other help according to the authorized purposes.

From Russia a member of Association is the Association of the Russian HIGH SCHOOLS which was generated in 1992 and now unites over 600 higher educational institutions of Russia of various types and structures, including: universities, technical universities, academies, engineering, pedagogical, economic, medical, agricultural, legal high schools, high schools of culture, art, sports.
During of some years ??? carries out fruitful international activity on development of an education system of XXI century – “ Distance Learning Education ”. In particular, under aegis of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation the Association will organize participation of rectors of leading Russian high schools in the international forums, conferences, seminars on problems of remote formation. Delegations of rectors with this purpose have visited the USA, Australia, Southern Africa and other countries therefore close communications of the Russian high schools with the Ministries of Education of these countries and leading universities of the world have been established, and also long-term programs on cooperation are signed.

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