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Message from the President

Global problems have the important value in life of all mankind. Everyone, the scientist, the businessman, the politicians, should reveal seriously above the further destiny of our joint residing on our planet. Global problems began to be solved the United Nations Organization in key directions of ability to live of the Person and the Society.

Searches of new energy sources, a communication facility and computer science, research of the nature, creation adaptive self reproducing systems and systems of unlimited productivity are Global problems. Global problems are characterized by ultrahigh complexity and represent almost insuperable difficulties on a way of their decision.

For the decision of global problems specialists must have fundamental grounding in many areas of a science, techniques, and humanitarian disciplines in a complex. The connoisseurs should possess the creative approach and bring original decisions in global problems. It is impossible to be limited to standard training on the PhD at common university (the USA, Europe). The professionals should improve the knowledge during all creative life.

Project Global Education System assumes transition from the current three-level system of higher education with award of degrees BS, MS, PhD to a four-level system with degrees BS, MS, PhD, and Grand PhD, which would be the highest scientific degree with the status of “Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Grand PhD)” being offered to outstanding scientists To receive the degree of International PhD it is necessary to have the NATIONAL degree of PhD, to publish 15-20 scientific papers, to find an original solution of some problem, to prepare an original thesis. To receive the degree of Grand PhD, it is necessary to have the degree of PhD of WDU/WIDU, to publish more than 100 scientific papers, 2-3 monographs, to take part in training of 10-20 Ph.D., to take part in solving of global problem as a supervisor.

World Distributed University (WDU) has been created as a functional university of the International Informatization Academy (IIA) in a General Consultative State with ECOSOC of the United Nations in 1997 and was licensed in 1998 in Russia and got in collaboration with the European Academy of Informatization (AEI), founded in 1999 by Royal Decree of King Albert of Belgium, invite you to take part in a project of Global Education System (GES) with the view of further increasing the levels of experts of leading and outstanding Scientists and Academicians skills in the interest of the World in general.

This structure has passed a test in 1993-97 and entered into the charter of Academy AEI by the Minister of Justice of Belgium and created World Information Distributed University (WIDU). The WIDU and the AEI in the status of the international organizations have the state accreditation in Armenia, in Mongolia, at a level of republics and areas in Russia: the Tatarstan Republic, the Chechen Republic and the Penza area, signed by Ministers of science and education and Governors.  Having used position, that according to the Belgian Constitutional Law education is one of the absolute freedoms in Belgium. The WIDU and the AEI have accepted the offer of International Academy of sciences (IAS) in San Marino about 4- level education system and has received from it the sanction to accreditation and the license for educational activity on global problems (preparation of various degrees specially the PhD and Grand PhD for all Europe). The IIA, WDU/WIDU and AEI are accredited and recognized by 129 universities and institutions in the world.

My colleagues and I invite you to take part in the Project of Global Education System.


Eduard Evreinov,
Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof.
Winner of the Lenin prize (N2)
The Grand Master of the World Order
“Science. Education. Culture”
Global Education System
International Center of Informatization
European Academy of Informatization
World Information Distributed University
World Distributed University
Vice-President and Chairman of the Trustee Council
International Informatization Academy
President of the Academic Council
Newport University CED, Latvia

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