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International Center of Informatization (CII)

Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof.
Winner of the Lenin prize (N2)

The President of the European Academy of Informatization,
The President of the International Informatization Center,
The President of the World Information Distributed University and
World Distributed University,
The Vice-President of the International Informatization Academy
The President of the Academic Council of the Newport University CED, Latvia
The Grand Master of the World Order “Science. Education. Culture”


The International Center of Informatization (CII) is registered (CII ASBL 8202/99) in Belgium in accordance with the Governmental Decree. The Charter, appointments of the managers, amendments to the Charter are published in the governmental bulletin “Moniteur Belge”.

Management of the Centre:

President – Mr. Evreinov Eduard

President of the European Informatization Academy (AEI), First Vice-President of IIA, Chairman of the Trustee Council, and President of WDU and WIDU Universities, International Prizes & Lenin Prize (No 2, 1957) Laureate, PhD, Grand PhD, Full Prof., Academician.


Mr. Ivliev Viktor – AEI Vice-President, WDU Chancellor, Prof., PhD, Grand PhD, Full Prof., Academician, “Science.Education.Culture – Order Cavalier and Commander. Mr. Pierre-Henry Wigny, -Baron, Prof., Academician. Mr. Jose Loriaux, Prof., Academician. Mr. John Stoop , Prof., Academician, avocat, Prof. Dr. Chowdhury Mrinal Ahmed, DBA, MBA, LLB.

Scientific Secretary for Europe : Mr. Vladimir Evreinov , PhD, Grand PhD, Prof., Academician. Scientific Secretary for Western Europe : Mr. Joseph Barijs , PhD, Ass. Prof. Scientific Secretary for Eastern Europe : Mrs. Panfilova Marina , – PhD, Prof.

The principal objectives of the International Centre of Informatization (CII) founded in Brussels in 1998 shall be as follows:

  • to create unified world information space and to establish informal links between scientists, businessmen, State and political figures;
  • to solve fundamental, research, and applied problems con-nected with the information society creation;
  • to ensure the Informatization of all human activity spheres;
  • to train and attest superior qualification specialists.

To achieve the said objectives, CII shall create or cause the creation of the following:

  • universities, academies, scientific centres, institutes, colleges, faculties and chairs to train and educate superior qualification specialists;
  • international, interregional, regional and branch associations and other structures in different human activity spheres;
  • scientific expert commission and scientific boards to assess and certify projects and scientific qualification of specialists in different spheres of the activity.

CII shall have an information distribution structure. Its departments shall function in many countries as scientific Informatization centres: (ICI), departments, academies, universities included in WIDU and WDU, being the most important structures of the Centre, representative offices of “Science.Education.Culture” Order, different associations, etc. You will not have to refer to different organisations dispersed on the globe, you will have to address to representatives of the Centre who will be able to help you in any knowledge spheres and in any point of the globe;

CII is aimed to develop and strengthen direct horizontal links between society members, organisations, regional and other structures. Therefore, you will find CII to be an assistant in establishing links with representatives of regions, communes, provinces, and administrative counties.

Due to the participation in CII structures of prominent scientists, public figures and the best representatives of business circles, CII has a good international reputation. You participation in the work of Centre will be officially registered and the information about it will be published in the governmental press of Belgium being the European Union Centre, one of the countries where the organisation of the European Parliament and the European Commission are located.

CII functions in close cooperation with the European Academy of Informatization founded by the Royal Order in Belgium and aimed at the mutually useful cooperation with structures of the European society.

You will have an opportunity to take part in the joint work under projects in favour of the European Community and recommend prominent scientists, public figures, and business representatives to enter the European Academy of Informatization.

CII shall organise and hold international congresses, conferences, and symposiums on problems being of some interest for your and your organisation. It also holds educational workshops to issue certificates in different human activity spheres. Invited prominent specialists from European Community structures shall take part in these workshops.

CII shall promote establishing direct informal links with the best representatives of business circles of the European Community, representatives of different public organisations rendering humanitarian assistance and support to small- and middle-scale businesses, representatives of university circles and schools, to endure the mutually advantageous cooperation.

Legal entities and individuals participating in the work of CII, depending on their positions in the centre, shall have significant privileges during payment of fees

In the event of any questions please contact:

Newport University – International Center of Informatization (NU-CII)

Representation in Latvia:

2C Aizupes street,Rîga, Latvia
LV-1004, European Union

Representation in Bangladesh:

Nurun Nahar Plaza (5th Floor)
152/2-N, Green Road,
Panthapath Dhaka- 1205
Phone: +88029137164
Cell: +8801847003875

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