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About Newport University

Newport University originally founded in 1976 in California, USA as an alternative to the traditional institutions of higher education for those persons who have been unable to experience college-level learning for various reasons and was approved by the Bureau of Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education with the State of California. Its Latvia chapter established in 2009 based on its corporate charter by the competent authority of the Republic of Latvia.

In 2015, the University achieved accreditation as a Distance Educational Institution from the International Distance Education Accreditation League Inc. (IDEAL), Philippine recognized by the National Network of Quality Assurance Agencies (NNQAA) and fully recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippines. It has certificate, foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral qualifications as an international educational organization and also provide honorary degrees for special contribution to the science, education and cultural field, and is active in the field of educational consulting.

In 2019, Newport University (Latvia Chapter) had decided to close its Corporate operations in Latvia, and stared the re-establishment processing in USA, and from 2020 it established as a non-profit educational organization in the State of Utah. In future, the Latvia office will act as Representative office of its USA operation.

From its inception, students from all over the world have enrolled with the university and its affiliated colleges/approved support centers. The university also handles applications from international institutions for affiliation with the University and for collaboration with overseas colleges to create American and European certificate and awards.

Now Newport University liaises with United States of America, European Union and South Asia and beside its own faculties the worldwide adjunct faculties of other Newport affiliated colleges/approved support centers provide its students with unique pathways towards degrees by distance/online and tuition providing. It is a purely a distance learning university does not offer regular classroom facilities by itself, but provide the facility of tuition support through affiliated colleges/approved support centers.

Distance degree students may apply and start their courses 3 times in a year, subject to availability of places.  Many professional students are keen to begin as soon as they find a suitable course. Newport provides opportunities for furthering your academic education using a range of topics that is probably unrivaled at any similar institute. It gives us great pleasure to be instrumental in enriching the professional and personal development of students in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Newport University offers Tuition Free Distance Education projects for Deprived Citizens in different countries around the World
Tuition free distance undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs study project in different countries under the International Peace and Development Institute for deprived citizens around the world to confirm that every human being has inherited the right to learn for the welfare of the global society and become a leader.
Former Students Degree Verification
Please be informed that all the past degree holders of the University, who need to verify their degrees, contact directly along with an Application and soft-copies of Certificate and Transcript to the University office by e-mail at