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Quality Assurance Service of NUCED

The Quality Assurance Services of NUCED (QAS-NUCED) is established to provide effective and efficient mechanisms based on the principle of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Management System with a close partnership with QSCert® that ensure specific program quality and consistency standards are met by the Institutions of Newport University CED (NUCED).

Organizational Structure:
The QAS-NUCED operates within the structure of the institutions nationally and internationally, and is responsible to a separate Management Board. The Management Board operates independently of government and of any individual college or the Council of Training, Colleges and Universities. It develops policy and oversees the implementation of related processes within its specific mandate. Members of the Management Board are appointed, on recommendation of the Vice-Presidents, Academic, by the Committee of Presidents. Staff of the QAS-NUCED is under the administrative direction of the Senior Director of institutions nationally and internationally of NUCEDINS.

The Management Board is made up of Senior Academic Officers from the Colleges and Universities and Curriculum / Instructional Design experts from the Institutions.

The QAS-NUCED manages and oversees each of these two self-regulatory components for the institutions of applied arts and technology nationally and internationally. Each of the two services outlined above is developed, implemented, and made available to the institution system independently, and yet will result in an overall, coordinated whole.

The first of these services, the CVS, became effective and operational January 1, 2009. The second component, the PQAPA, is being implemented as an initial one-year pilot project run from the 2009-2010 academic year with 3 volunteer colleges. Following an external evaluation of the pilot project, full implementation will began spring 2011.

The QAS-NUCED is initially staffed by three positions; one full-time permanent senior staff to manage the overall service, and two other to support the senior staff or the authorized person. From time to time there may be need and opportunity to more one additional staff resources, at peak times, to manage the workload.


Quality Assurance Service of NUCED (QAS-NUCED)
2C Aizupes street,
Rîga, Latvia,
LV-1004, European Union.
Phone: +37129112333

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