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Institute of Research and Professional Development Studies (IRPDS)

Institute of Research and Professional Development Studies (IRPDS) is run by the Foundation of Professional Development Studies (FPDS) is a  registered educational Institution to establish, run and maintain educational and research program of all branches of education with the affiliation of Local or Foreign Universities .

IRPDS is an Approved Support Center of the Newport University CED to offer the professional and research education particularly on MBA and Ph.D. programs.

IRPDS starts with the vision for developing trained human resource to meet up the increasing challenges and opportunities in the new millennium. The programs offered by IRPDS, will enable the learners to develop their professional skills and maintain the leadership with respect to Commerce, Industry, Information Technology and Business Administration.

Challenging the Future
IRPDS provides with high quality Books, Leaflets. journals, Periodicals and Pamphlets etc. containing theories and professional courses designed by both local and foreign guidelines for practicing managers and professionals who agree to face the challenges of future through enhancement of knowledge, skills and professional competencies. The 21st century is characterized by the emergence of a new economic horizon for business and organizations with a motive to meet up the increasing international competition and growing demands of socioeconomic, legal and fiscal responsibilities requiring intensive training.

Aims and Objects
The aims and objectives of IRPDS programs are to produce efficient and effective managers, corporate leaders and executives. This will be done by providing a strong foundation of the concept, principles and techniques of modern business administration and management encouraging case studies and research in different areas in the international fields of fast growing business management.

Distance/online Learning Opportunity
Distance/online Learning is a method of acquiring new knowledge, skill or data based education where all relevant information are readily available to the users and designed to promote ways of learning. An important part of the concept is to get adequate support to enhance capabilities through self-learning process.

The world distance suggests that there may not to be face-to-face interaction/ exchanges between the teachers and learners and most of the learning/lessons may not take place in the class room. It also includes flexible course contents designed to satisfy individual needs of millions of students.

Flexible Distance Learning programs are designed in such a method so that the learners can easily learn the tasks at own place/home. Our offered distance learning program is an opportunity to earn your expected foreign MBA and Ph.D. degree without even leaving behind your family, place of works and official duties whether government or private.

News and Events
Tution free On-Line Bachelor of Business Administration Program Study Opportunity for Deprived Citizens Around the World to Confirm that Every Human Being Has Inherited the Right to Learn for the Welfare of the Global Society.